Stay in control in the event of a blowout with Tyron wheel bands

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  1. J vaughan says:

    what kind of cost are we talking about? Just bought 2007 fiat swift.

  2. Terry Brooker says:

    I had Tyron bands fitted to my previous caravan and suffered a blow out on the A1M during rush hour. The tyre stayed on the rim and I was able to bring the caravan safely to a stop on the hard shoulder on an exit junction. Our biggest problems were then the other cars who nearly ran into the RAC van parked 100 yds prior to the caravan, the just missing the caravan on the hard shoulder. Have just changed our caravan and insisted on Tyron bands being fitted, would not now be without them.

  3. Garry Batten says:

    Sprite Leisure Group, the company who owned Sprite, Eccles and Europa before they sold out to The Swift Group in the mid 90’s fitted all their vans with Tyron Safety Bands. Had them fitted to all my vans over the past 15 years (only had 2 vans during that time), and when I change my van next time, they will be part of the deal. OK you hope you never need to try them out, and not being able to be seen, are they a selling point, you make up you own mind. By having them fitted, they give you that little peace of mind that if things do go wrong and you have a blow out then the van won’t fip over. Personally I think they should be a standard fit on all vans, whoever manufactues the range. Safety First!

  4. G.J.SPENSLEY. says:

    Tyron Bands have been around for years.If as suggested they are such an asset why are they not on all caravans as standard equipment when manufactured.

    • Craig says:

      Dear G.J. Spensley
      It’s a strange one. I guess it’s a cost thing as manufacturers want to make the initial purchase price of their ‘vans as low as possible.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

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