Swift Colour Concept

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  1. kathryn says:

    At last!!!! A move away from the horrendous 1980’s, cheap velour style interior of the vast majority of caravan interiors. It will be wonderful to have a caravan with an interior as modern as my home. I love the idea of the easy clean flooring with the ‘detachable’ rugs, and how lovely to get away from the normal wood finish. All in all – I love it!!! (and I am a pensioner).

  2. steven irving says:

    great looking caravan. hope this comes into production soon.iam in my fifties but still twnty one at heart

  3. Alistair says:

    Like the whole exterior look, gives it a distinctive look of its own. Like the interior as it looks bright and clean but like a lot of the previous comments I think it will date quickly.

  4. Dave says:

    I like it, nice and airy, bright and hopefully durable although not sure about the detachable rug.

  5. gena says:

    Like the idea of replacing the carpets with a rug, much more practical especially if the rug is washable.

  6. Tony says:

    Eye catching but I suspect that this will go out of fashion quicker than the classic finish. It depends on how long the buyers plan to keep the ‘van and how part-ex or selling prices reflect the design. (Marmite effect?)
    I’m also not sure that the designer is a caravanner herself to live with this, but it would certainly be an ice-breaker on-site!

  7. Ian McCann says:

    Im not an interior designer but whoever came up with this scheme has done a poor job im afraid. Very bland, grey and unapealing. Look forward to someone making an interior change for the better.

  8. james markland says:

    About time we moved on from the same old styles well done

    • Craig says:

      A real mixed bag of comments on this one. I guess this new concept really does have the marmite effect amongst caravan enthusiasts. Thanks for everyone’s views. We’d love to hear more.
      Caravan Guard

  9. J Johnson says:

    Sorry can not say it appeals to me. As a designer myself I can appreciate the thought process behind the design, but it appears to me that all the bad elements of design that were prevalent in the sixties have been used. I think it is ghastly.I could not see myself relaxing in such an environment.the outside look of the caravan isn’t too bad but on the whole I think all the design features will date very quickly.

  10. David Smith says:

    External side graphics look ghastly. Bright interior but not for me. might appeal to younger caravanners but resale would be quite a problem.

  11. k. pooley says:

    Not for me either i’m afraid, i’m a traditional girl and prefer my swift with natural wood, i don’t think the white units are at all practical in a caravan, feel i’d need to be cleaning those all the time, my caravan’s for relaxing!

  12. John Higgins says:

    I am no youngster and I love the interior finish, but I abhor the exterior graphics on the nearside.
    Thank you
    John Higgins

  13. Jean says:

    I think it looks fabulous on computer. Swift led the field with the sunroof window now copied by many other makes, and they look like leading again if they go ahead with these designs. The overall monochrome effect can be brightened easily with colourful cushions around otherwise could look a bit icy cold in winter months. Maybe not for those with young children or for use at steam rallies, but like all things, there are horses for courses. If they go ahead with it, I hope they make smaller single axle versions.

  14. Geoffers says:

    I think it would make a nice change from the wide variety of wood effects available in the past , lets have a brighter interior finish and ditch those old fashioned wood looks !

  15. J Cartwright says:

    My own personal opinion is that I think it looks absolutely revolting. I am all for moving forward but this is not to my taste at all. Go back to the drawing board please!

  16. John says:

    I do not like it at all, all that white, is it practical? How will it wear and how easy will it be to keep clean, and will the white fade with the sun over time.
    Its definetely not for me.

  17. Gina says:

    Any design like this is going to date. It’s all good fun, but whatever happens, classic never dates but trend does. It’s a nice ornament, for now.

  18. Jane says:

    A great stride forward, I love a more contemporary look
    At least it gives a choice, decor has moved forward
    But not enough IMO.
    Step away from the chintz !

  19. Mr J. Ross says:

    A very nice caravan well laid out with an all over attractive design, but it is far too big for my car to tow.

  20. steamdrivenandy says:

    I was expecting something that was notably avant garde and futuristic. My impression following a short look round was that it was just current modern interior design trends plonked onto and in a caravan. I was underwhelmed and it appears that I’ve seen the future and it’s GREY, which was the overall feeling I got from the van. In fact having read your piece I’m surprised you spotted so much variation and variety, I found it just, well, GREY.
    Oh and nobody at the NEC sought my opinion at all.

  21. Eric says:

    Love it! A nice refreshing change from wood colour, and I’m no spring chicken myself.

  22. Haydn Brassington says:

    I think it looks very refreshing, a nice move away from the heavy patterned upholstery, some caravan interiors feel a bit oppressive, i love the white cupboards and the wall boards, i think if Swift decide to go this way it won’t do them any harm at all,,

  23. Sooty says:

    Whilst that colour scheme might look marvelous in some trendy interior designer’s apartment, it looks totally out of place in something which is going to spend a lot of time standing in a field… IMHO.

  24. glenn irvine says:

    I have seen this van and i tell you all it looks great. I am in my mid thirties and think this look would be a move forward.

  25. lorna bane says:

    Very nice but not for me.

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