Maintaining your Motorhome Tyres – The Facts

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  1. Serena Hodgson says:

    Just had a blowout of rear outside tyre of our new to us RV. On examination it was made in 09, there is absolutely no sign of deterioration on the side walls or tread. Again the date was on the inside of the tyre (double tyres) and the front ones are only a year old so we made an assumption! £1000 or just less for 5 new tyres (spares also old)

  2. I Dunsmuir says:

    With regards to tyre pressures I have a 2012 Elddis and the Peugot tyre pressures are on the door standard and in the book. However hidden away in the Elddis book are far lower pressures for the vehicle. The vehicle rides better on the lower pressures so be aware that the chassis manufacturers pressures may not be the same as those set by the coachwork maker.

  3. lauralou says:

    It’s quite shocking how many people forget to check the tyre pressure before going on a long journey – such a rookie error! I had mine tested for me when I got my new tyres – as the pressure can differ from tyre to tyre so much.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Too right Laura, a simple 5 minute motorhome tyre pressure check could be a life saver or at least prevent premature tyre wear.

  4. arthur says:

    It all depends on the tyre size fitted to your vehicle, on my Toyota Hiace camper it’s 3bar/3.5bar for 225/60/16 this is a converted tyre size, usual size is 195/70/15 which is on the spare, your pressure sounds high, but if they are Light Truck then not so, I would check what should be on your vehicle, tyres could have been fitted because they were the cheaper option, but make sure to check it out.

  5. trevor says:

    question on tyres, what is the right pressure? the tyre pressure psi mark on tyre, or the pressure marked on the van door? tyres form new psi on side wall 69 max. the psi on the inside of door 79 psi, have the wrong tyres been fitted from new, or have the manufactures put to high a psi on door ?

  6. Peter Taylor says:

    Dear sirs.

    This was a very interesting article for me. I have had a Trigano Trbute 2004 for 3 years. Last Thursday we were heading for Oswestry to start our 2 weeks holiday in Wales.

    I was just leaving Poynton going to the M56 when my offside rear tyre disintigrated. I called the AA for help and they arrived in 45 minutes. They removed the wheel and on looking at the tyre informed me that the tyre was manufactured in 2004, the same date as the van was made. The spare was also the same age and therefore my tyres were the original ones when the van was new. The AA man then pointed out that all the tyres had the manufacturing dates on the inside of the wheel and no wonder I could not find the tyre age. I then purchased a spare in Stockport to keep as spare but run the new 2004 spare until we reached Oswestry. The weather on Friday morning was unbelievable with 10″ of snow. We were at the Caravan and camping club site and the site people were wonderful finding a tyre company for me and then on Saturday morning we went to find the company P&B Tyres in a heavy snow storm. The company had gone to obtain my new tyres and in heavy snow outside their depot had fitted my tyres.

    The main point I wanted to make was if you do not have any date on your tyres try looking on the inside of the tyre. They stated that I should also be sure to cover my tyres when my van is stood for the winter an important point I thought. Tyres deteriorate when subject to sun light and cold weather. I hope this helps other motorhomers with unknown dated tyres

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Peter. Thanks also for the tip to check the inside of the tyre for manufacture date.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  7. RV In storage - split in wall of both front tyres. says:

    we need advice on tyres for our Damon Daybreak 3270. 01/03/2004 tyre size 225/70R19.5 we have looked HERCULES H-902 (14 PLY). Also DOUBLE COIN Tyres. first one £211.50p plus VAT. second one £200.00 plus VAT. John

  8. Joe Duffy says:

    Tyres and pressures are extremely important but if the insurance companies checked new vehicles they will find that manufacturers design vehicles to run at maximum pressures as the tyres fitted are on their maximum load limit due to cost cutting and poor design. I have found this with my vehicles. a simple check of the tyre specs and loads carried without overloading will confirm this.

  9. Tom Read says:

    A tyre on the rear tag axle (near side) burst while I was travelling on the motorway near Rheims, France. It was not too difficult to replace the the tyre, but the mudguard needed work and the biggest expense was the grey water tank which was destroyed.

  10. Kevin Lysaght says:

    Thanks for this first edition which came through today. A lot of interesting articles. I have ben in the motor trade most of my life but you can always learn something.
    I got fed up with connecting the clips for my – large – solar panel so I got a two pin offset stainless steel plug from a marina and fitted it into the side of my camper with the regulator fitted inside. I also leave it plugged in with the clips during the winter and lay the panel on a seat inside. Kevin

  11. arthur says:

    Can I point out that ‘Blow outs’ are caused by objects entering the tyre and the tyre slowly deflating and overheating, thus causing the tyre to collapse into the wheel well, I was in ‘Tyres’ for 20 years and never knew a tyre to ‘Blow Out’ due to faulty construction, users should be warned that if a tyre is losing air it’s due to one of the following:- slow, because of object in the tyre. Faulty valve. Leaking wheel rim, they should go to a tyre shop to have them checked, do not keep putting air into the tyre, the problem will get worse, usually on the motorway doing 70, result ‘Blow Out’

    • zyglatron says:

      Hello Arthur!
      Reckon the police and most tyre fitters would describe a ‘blow out’ as an explosion of the pressurised air thru the tyre. In my case, on a recently bought motorhome. A feeling as tho’ driving over lumps in the road followed by an explosion as the tyre burst. Turns out, the tyres were as old as the motorhome ie. 10yrs, and the rubber was perished, even tho’ the tread and sidewalls looked OK from a distance. Close up there were fine cracks in the sidewalls.

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