Guide to motorhome reversing cameras

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  1. Brian Lakin says:

    When bought my MH had a single camera wired to operate with the reverse gear using the rear view mirror as a monitor. The length & equipment in the MH plus the small size of the mirror, made it impossible to see much at the rear. I have now bought a 10 inch mirror/monitor that fits over the original mirror & fitted two cameras bought off Ebay for £13.45 each. One camera is wireless & the other is wired with new cable from the camera too the mirror. The cameras are fed from the habitation battery & the mirror from the interior light. I have one camera looking straight back down the road & is used when driving & one looking at the road under the rear for reversing. The wireless sender & receiver cost £6.00 from China & has operated perfectly for the last 8 years. The cameras look like the “snooper RC60” type & have a perfect picture on both. On a certain MH forum I had a comment back after posting this that the microwave would interfere with the wireless camera. Only if you were driving & cooking at the same time.

  2. Shane says:

    The price tag £622 for the Dometic is just profiteering! Given the options circ £100-£200 I cannot see anyone reasonably seeing any value in your recommendation for this camera.

  3. Andrew Franklin says:

    How would you rate the wireless systems, are they worth considering.

  4. Martin Dixey says:

    I’ve tested quite a few reversing camera systems from wired to wireless analogue & digital but found the very best to a an EsiCam model EH05. The EH05 is a battery powered, waterproof WiFi camera giving up to 7.5 hrs use. The camera can be powered from a 5volt power bank pack or connected to your caravan or motor home 12 V supply via a separate connector unit. I would not set off without my EsiCam EH05 fixed to the rear of my caravan because it takes so much stress out of driving using primarily as a rear-view camera as well as a reversing cameras.

  5. Tony Harris says:

    My reversing camera makes easy work when attaching my tow car with the tow bar for two cars fitted

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