What to look for when buying a motorhome reversing camera

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  1. John Taylor says:

    My Rapido M966 had a reversing camera fitted by Rapido it was connected to the 7″ radio/DVDs//TV/CD the the unit is mounted in the dashboard in a double DIN opening the unit lasted one month , sent away for repair replacement , this was July 2009 a replacement was finally supplied in 2010 March it is a Pioneer but the rear view (which originally had a mic which only worked when it felt like it.) the rear view camera and performance on the screen is poor. Would there be any problems just changing the camera ? By the way the camera only works when reverse is engaged. I am thinking there must be a hard wired connection too the screen/radio/cd unit , or would it be better to start from scratch with a camera and screen unit?

  2. brian woodward says:

    I’ve read previous comments and they are very helpful.
    However two aspects have not been covered, to my knowledge, they are monitor size , is 9 too big”? and is there an advantage in paying extra for 4 pin cable connectors?
    Any views will be welcome before I take the plunge

  3. Eamonn says:

    I live in sandhurst Berks.i have trying to get my rearview camera on my Adria panel van upgraded or replaced to one that records….any ideas where I can get a supply and fit.????

  4. les says:

    Bailey motorhomes are pre-wired for Waeco cameras which are CCD and have infra red for night time. Therefore, should be less costly and less van pulling apart. Unfortunately, the wiring is for a single camera only.

  5. Ray & Pat C says:

    If you tour in Europe get two cameras and fit one to your left hand door mirror facing forward, it will give you a better view forward when overtaking, unless of course you have a LHD

  6. Iain says:

    There are a few things I’d suggest to anyone thinking about one of these:

    1. Have the monitor near one or other of the mirrors. Mine is in the stereo in the middle of the dash, giving a third place to look when reversing. Much better to have it near a mirror.

    2. Get a CCD camera, not a CMOS one – they cost a little more, but are a lot better.

    3. If you have one with IR LEDs, make sure the LEDs are not behind the same bit of glass as the camera lens – or dirt on the glass (there always is dirt on a reversing camera) makes the glare reflect and obscure the picture.

    4. Wire it so that the camera is powered whenever the ignition is on, so it doesn’t freeze up in winter.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Iain, some really useful tips here thank you. Especially helpful to people thinking of investing in a reversing camera or those who are new to using them.

      Many thanks,

  7. waynne southall says:

    I bought a cheapy on ebay for £39.99 and it came with all necessary equipment . Couldn,t live without it now its brill and so cheap. Its a no brainer.

    • marianne says:

      Noticed your positive comment about reverse camera you bought from ebay can you give me more details I what to buy one for my husbands xmas thanks

      • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

        Hi Marianne,

        I’ve had a quick look on eBay – there is a Wireless rear view camera kit (including fitting equipment) available for £39.99. See here for details. It looks as though they’ve sold thousands of this particular model, so it may well be the one Waynne referred to in his earlier comment.

        Many thanks
        Caravan Guard

  8. Doug King says:

    Thanks mdk, the security comment fits with my thinking, plus my satnav is on the dashboard and it would get cluttered with another monitor.

  9. mdk says:

    I had a dash mounted monitor in my previous motorhome and on a bright day it was useless even with a shroud on.
    When i took the motorhome for its habitation service and had to leave it the dealer insisted i took the monitor out as it attracted thieves.
    I now have a monitor that clips on my interior mirror and its fine even on bright days but the resolution is not quite as good as dash mounted monitor on the colours but otherwise great.

  10. mark reynolds says:

    some times they cause miner bumps people realy to must on them

  11. Bill Dawber (Motorhoming-wild) says:

    Apart from the normal high level camera, I fitted a small keyhole camera in the number plate surround for when the back box or bikes are on the bike rack and slightly blocking visability. Flick of a switch on the monitor to change from one to the other.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      That’s a great idea Bill. Feel free to share further details, I’m sure everyone would find it useful.

  12. Doug King says:

    I wonder if anyone has comments to make regarding the relative merits of a rear view mirror mounted moniter as opposed to one mounted on the dashboard. My own view is that a dashboard mounted one could attract thiefs.

  13. Les Plumb says:

    Always check the visibility of the screen on a bright day before buying. I have a GPS screen that completely disappears in sunlight which is useless for reversing.

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