Have you added extra locks to your caravan?

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  1. Keith Bryant says:

    A very simple way to discover peoples worries…How far do you go?

  2. brian motion says:

    I agree with the above comments about the door locks, I bought a new Coachman 575 last year and had a door lock off my old Caravan but would damage the door and sealing if I fitted it.

  3. Anita Burton says:

    I agree Chris, I pay for good secure storage that’s also considered with caravan insurance also good caravan sites that have barriers for in and out, most caravaners wouldn’t break into another on a holiday site so do your research beforehand for reviews if it happens, there are always some bad apples etc. If it’s got a bad reputation ‘stay clear’.

  4. Richard Crisp says:

    Richard Crisp
    Current caravan door locks are very poor and fitting extra locks could damage the framework. Manufacturers should be doing a lot more, but then again if your van is on the “wanted” list criminals will always be able to steal them without too much force

  5. Paul Clarke says:

    I agree with both Chris and Tom – the manufacturer’s should beef up the security. If we, as the customers are encouraged to fit aftermarket locks doesn’t that say to the manufacturer that the ones they are fitting aren’t good enough.

  6. Tom Robinson says:

    I don’t see the point of fitting extra locks as the framework for the doors are lightweight and any thief with a large screwdriver would
    easily force entry to your caravan/moho

  7. Chris Read says:

    Extra locks maybe a nice to have but they are ugly and in some cases in merely fitting them could arguably break caravan warranty. It is time the caravan makers fitted better locks at the factory. I may be naive but if I holiday I go to decent caravan sites where I believe other caravaners wouldn’t break in to anothers caravan and when the van is in store its in a secure storage yard.

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