We reveal the UK hotspots for seagull attacks!

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  1. Jean Dearing says:

    I cannot stand them. I think they are evil looking. We had some nest on a neighbours chimney stack and they dive bombed us every time we went outside

  2. Laurie Cunningham says:

    Would not eat in an area with gulls, there are plenty of places to go to avoid them. Just be sensible.

  3. Lawrence Hansom says:

    Sorry folks but I call them Flying Rats. Attacking the public for a meal and defecating or regurgitating food towards you is something that certainly requires stopping attention. I am sure you can put a few more reasons why?. If it was a rat/mouse I am sure it would be trapped and dealt with accordingly. It certainly is a problem for many seaside resorts.

  4. Simon says:

    I don’t think it is rocket science to put seagulls and the most popular seaside resorts together on a list. I live at least 5 miles from the coast and gulls can be seen ‘inland’, possibly because of dull or bad weather at the coast. I am more concerned about what we as humans can do about the problem. There are resorts that stop these birds feeding on our rubbish by supplying closed bins, but most do not bother. I am by no means an animal hater, but if there was a problem with a wild cat stalking the streets there would be something done to stop it. Can anyone tell me what purpose seagulls serve?

  5. Brian rimmer says:

    No such thing as Seagulls,the picture depicted is a Herring Gull the main culprits. They are only after an easy meal so keep your fish n chips out of sight.

  6. Rodney Dawes says:

    Useful information!

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