2015 Hymer Nova 580: Straight to the top of the class

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  1. Ray Cole says:

    Totally agree with Peter,
    We since 2001 have owned new 5 x T.E.C.1 X GEIST. 3 X HYMER.
    In September last year on returning to England we decided we’d try a UK ‘van, a Coachman VIP 560/4, what a mistake to say it was made out of pallet wood would be a compliment, that went pretty quickly, we’ve just taken delivery of a new Hymer Nova 580 GL. The biggest and heaviest caravan we’ve owned in 35 yrs but it’s the most stable smoothest tow we’ve had.

  2. Nick says:

    Have just purchased the Nova sl580,and am looking for an awning to fit.Really like the look of the Kampa Air products,but unsure which size to buy because of the window.It seems it will have to be a porch or a very large awning.
    Could do with some advice.
    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Nick,

      If it’s an inflatable, drive-away awning you’re after, don’t forget you can move it along the awning rail to a certain degree, so you might be able to avoid cutting off a window. Take a side-on shot of your Hymer and show it to your local awnings specialist retailer. They’ll be able to help.

      Many thanks


  3. vivienne says:

    I have a hymer nova 550 db I am trying to find an alko wheel lock for this model. they come in numbers ie, 21. what number would I need. also are these safe to use with run flat bands as I have heard that the clamp type security can damage them. many thanks

    • Hi Vivienne,

      I’ll certainly try and find out for you! I’ll keep you posted once I hear back from AL-KO.

      Many thanks

    • Hi Vivienne,

      I’ve heard back from AL-KO. They’ve advised the following:

      If your caravan has an AL-KO Secure receiver fitted, you will need to check which wheel is fit on the caravan, against those pictured at the back of the AL-KO Secure document here This will tell you which number he needs.

      If there is no receiver fitted to your caravan, you will have to take the vehicle to an AL-KO Approved service centre for advice on whether the Secure Plus or Premium kits would be suitable, as these included the fitment of the necessary receiver. This is not a DIY fitment, and can only be quoted via a service centre, a list of which are available here.

      If you’re not 100% sure whether or not the caravan has a Secure receiver fitted, check between the spokes of the rear inside wheel.

      AL-KO say they’re not sure how having a Secure lock fitted would affect the run flat bands, as the Secure locks into the receiver and doesn’t touch the tyre. That said, they recommend contacting the manufacturer of the run flat bands to be on the safe side. More information on the AL-KO Secure and how it works is available online here.

      I hope this helps.

      Many thanks


  4. PETER WRIGHT says:


  5. Sally Ward says:

    Will there be a fixed double bed option please?

  6. harry says:

    Sorry and the big deal with this is what? Hymer no competition for Bailey and Swift touring caravans unless what you say ” see it to believe it” but your web page shows nothing to the contrary!

  7. Peter Martin says:

    Usual Hymer quality, showing the way British caravans SHOULD go.
    The Hymer Nova we have had from new since 2006 has shown us that quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten .

  8. David says:

    I suspect that the overall length is more than quoted, the drawbar in the photo looks more than half a metre long!
    The door on that side is no problem, use the mover (you will need one!) to take it hitch first onto the pitch and you have the seating near the road with the door facing the same as everyone else.
    We have had our Nova for almost nine years now and no intention of changing for years yet, the best investment we have made. They are engineered first and decorated last unlike many other makes.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to hear such a good recommendation from a Hymer owner. Just to confirm the dimensions of the model we looked at:

      Length – 6.52m
      Width – 2.40m
      Height – 2.62m


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