VIDEO: The importance of caravan towing mirrors

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  1. David bruce says:

    Also the extended mirrors very often crack the car mirror plastic surround so reducing the extended mirror vibration movement cant be solved by over tightening the fixing screws be careful of this as most modern cars nowadays are not made of the toughest plastic mouldings!

  2. John Newton says:

    I noticed the position of the extended mirror in the video is set showing to much sky, set like this is you are only using 75% of the mirrors usefulness. Set the horizon (ie the road) slightly higher than halfway and you can see the side of the caravan instead of sky.

  3. BaileyStrempel says:

    I love to camp and travel.Thank you for enlightening us about towing mirrors.Its really helpful post.

  4. Tim Peacock says:

    I agree that ALL towing vehicles should have both nearside and offside towing ( extended ) mirrors.
    However I have a problem that Toyota GB states is peculiar to me. I have a RAV4 2017 edition which Toyota advertise as a ‘towing ‘ vehicle. When I fit an extended towing mirror attached to the vehicles original mirror and have lorries pass in the opposite direction, the wind pressure folds the wing mirror onto the car.A previous model has had the same problem. Has anyone else suffered the same problem ? and is there a mirror on the market which does not attach to the towing vehicles mirror?

  5. David Dent says:

    With the 8′ Van’s becoming more common not only are towing mirrors essential but for many longer, extension arms are required in able to get the “legal” view down the sides of the caravan. The standard arms supplied on towing mirrors are not long enough,as for those that use a sucker to fasten to the door mirror they are next to useless even with a narrower width ‘van.

  6. Robert says:

    Hi I have been towing for the last 20 years I always have used two mirrors to see what’s going on around me,
    This article and video as made it easy to understand the law.and what we need to see in the mirrors. Good artical Thanks

    On the flip side we stayed on a caravan park up on the Yorkshire coast I got talking to some one on the site I said to him “are you going to take your towing mirrors off” he said to me ” No there a pain too fit al be ok just nipping into town” next time I sow him he had taken his towing mirror off, he then told me “got pulled by a traffic cop and he had been given a fix penalty notice £50 and 4 points for driving while he had this towing mirrors on with No caravan on and making it dangerous to other road users”
    that’s a hard lesson to learn and a good way to spoil your break.


  7. Jim Brown says:

    Your safety & that of others is paramount so why take risks when quality mirrors may be purchased at a reasonable cost.
    When in europe does anyone use a flat glass mirror attached to passengers side when driving on the right?
    An interesting comment by others on the rear view camera on the caravan!
    Perhaps a report on their use, the cost and how they are connected to the vehicles could be the subject of a future ‘news bulletin’.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments Jim and we’ll look into the idea of a future article on rear view cameras.

  8. Stephen Booth says:

    Only thing about towing mirrors there is some vibration on the glass when towing, which can distort the view otherwise very useful,I dont tow without them.

  9. John Knox says:

    I wouldn’t consider towing without extended mirrors, given that most motorists seem as though they have to overtake an outfit when encountered on the road, often coming dangerously close to the back of the caravan before pulling out. Without towing mirrors they are virtually invisible to the driver, being in the blind spot. At least with towing mirrors there is a better chance of spotting a tailgater before you begin your manoeuvre.

  10. Tom Klokkou says:

    I have towing mirrors for towing my folding camper but also I have just installed a rear view camera Just plug it into the car together with the trailer electrics Works perfectly. Although towing mirrors are ok you still can’t see directly behind the trailer! But can now! Would strongly recommend one!

  11. Malc Jeffries says:

    I notice that the law applies for 99% of cases, so can someone tell me why there is an exception for the other 1%

  12. Malc Jeffries says:

    I notice the law applies in 99% of cases.

    Can someone clarify what applies for the 1% for who can tow without extra mirrors?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      The only time that extension mirrors are not needed is when the trailer being towed does not restrict the rear view afforded by the trailer being towed. This may be a caravan / car trailer / horsebox / pop-up tent.

  13. John Branagan says:

    I have used two towing mirrors for over 20 years ( new shiny ones would ne nice)
    I enjoyed the video,and appreciated the comments and diagram particularly showing The near side,a lot of people towing only use a extra mirror on off side .

  14. john masterman says:

    Hi I’m only 5,4 by putting the mirror fixings on top of the car mirror restricts my view when coming to a roundabout , so I fix them on the lower part of my car mirror not as shown in the video

  15. Peter Hayler says:

    Really helpful – many thanks!
    I use the same model of mirrors as on the video, but often have a tricky time fitting them.
    I’m trying to remember to tilt the wing mirror downwards to towards the road to see if it opens
    up a gap between the glass and its outer casing, to allow the clamps of the towing mirror to be
    inserted and fitted properly, before re-adjusting the tilt of the wing-mirror.

  16. Andrew says:

    Its not often I see caravanners without extended mirrors but the ‘fast food’ trailers that are towed by a vehicle which does not match the wieght or have mirrors, extended or standard fittings, that can see down the sides of the these trailers. Also, tractors that have huge trailers stacked with bales of hay/straw and overflow so much that they take up the whole road, not just one carriageway of the road…… No chance of them seeing you if you are behind them!!

  17. Cee Krat says:

    Poorly presented with poor graphics and video views. Even poorer explanation of the Law.
    Really only a token gesture at addressing an important issue. Sadly, an opportunity missed!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry you think the video is poor Cee. We feel it covers the importance of towing mirrors and have had lots of positive feedback from many other readers.

  18. Kevin Reeve says:

    The best information video I’ve seen, it really gives the true difference between with and without.

  19. Neil Rossiter says:

    I have fitted a camera to the back of the caravan with a transmitter in the front locker and a receiver in the wing panel of the car. A screen clips over the rear-view mirror and for less than £50.00 have far better vision of what is behind than could ever be achieved with mirrors.

    The problem with all the clip-on mirrors I have used over the years is “mirror shake” making some of them a complete waste of time anyway.

    My feeling having used a camera for two years now is they should be compulsory wherever a towed vehicle interferes in any way with the rear-view mirror.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for sharing Neil. If you are using a rear view camera, you do still need towing mirrors. A camera cannot be used as an alternative to extension mirrors.

  20. A Forrester says:

    Hi I have fitted a rear view camera, which I attach to the caravan by magnets and can then take it off when not in use, I have a 7″ monitor on a dash mounted base which can also be removed when not wanted, when towing it’s on all the time and the peace of mind that that you get knowing that when you go to overtake there’s not someone right up in your blind spot, plus I don’t get that funny voice in my ear any more as she is watching the monitor more than me.

  21. john says:

    very well explained on the video and it makes it plain to see why you have to have extensions on the mirrors to assist your safe driving

  22. Tony McConville says:

    Hi, I live in Troon Scotland. A problem I see often is 4×4 towing boats on trailers without lights or mirrors

  23. leslie harris says:

    I use extended mirrors but am considering fitting a camera to the caravan and a clip on monitior mirror to my rear view mirror what are any experiences of these any info would be usefull

  24. Rodney Lees says:

    Whoever tows without mirrors is idiotic. To be aware of others behind, you especially when they sit 2 mtrs from your van trying to overtake as if life depends upon it.
    The more you can see behind the better.
    Mirrors to extend your view should be compulsory, not just to 4 at 20 mtrs as the law states.

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