Gear Guide Star Players: Inflatable Awnings

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  1. Robin Desmond says:

    Approaching 80 we recently down sized to a smaller camper van from motor homes.An inflatable sound ideal but. We don’t have a channel running around the van side. I am unsure where I take thh hieght measurement.So advice please.RD

  2. Gillian Tyrrell says:

    The Kampa travel pod maxi air has a removable ground sheet.

  3. Bob says:

    Air awnings sound good BUT cant find one without sewn in groundsheet only Vango Idris Tall make one with detachable ground sheet not sure if fits my VW T5 .More and more sites want you to lift your ground sheet or no ground sheets at all so is a problem .I guess the manufacturers design them this way for strength when not attached to motorhome. I think they will have to get back to drawing board

  4. Alan says:

    I recently purchased a Vango Kela tall to use with my Rapido 941M ‘A’ class Motorhome. Had looked at them erected at an outdoor show, when it arrived I decided to try erecting it on the rear lawn with it freestanding. It was so easy after having to feed poles on my previous one. A prime advantage for me is that it is a one person operation and at first attempt took only 10 mins to erect, a little more time would be required to complete pegging out of course.
    With regard to security when not attached to the unit, Vango provide sewn in braces to add strength against winds and say they have been satifactorly tested in high wind situations.
    Obviously I will know more after using it a few times, but initially I am very impressed and it is as easy to erect as claimed.
    Have a look at the videos on the Vango site, they are honest based on my experience so far.

  5. RiverRover says:

    They look promising as a lone camper sometimes needing the extra space. I wonder if I could sort it all by myself.

  6. Bob Edwards says:

    I’m a little unsure – they may be quite rigid when attached to the motorhome, but when you drive away surely most of that security is gone. What happens then if the wind gets up when you are off site?

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