2013 Lunar Quasar 554 Review: Appealing to all kinds of families

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  1. Tx says:

    I always wanted a caravan with a bathroom and convinced myself that an end bathroom with all the extra space was the best. I also opted for the twin beds as this gave more space to move about in also. So I bought a Geist with these very specs. Beautiful caravan and the only option of this spec at the time. But the end bathroom meant that if anyone got up in the night to go to the loo they had to open the bathroom door onto the bed. Very distrubing! And not so practical. I later bought the Lunar Lexon SB – the one with the CENTRE bathroom. This works so much better on several levels. The whole of the bedroom area can be closed off including the bathroom and loo. The loo can be used separately. If anyone wants to go to the loo in the night – off they go!! Everything is at the foot of the beds. After trying both specs I would not willingly go back to the end bathroom.

  2. Roger Coleman says:

    I read the article with interest but then get to the weak point as to why fixed beds are not so good had transmuted to the singles. I am 6′ 2″ and a bed only that long is no good – I would sooner have 6″ less sofa space. At least with the fixed bed I can have the outside and hang me feet over the edge.

  3. Dixon Sheppard says:

    My Wife Janice and I attended the Autumn Caravan Show at the NEC. We currently own a Lunar Conquest 494, based on the Quasar, Shipping length 6.37 m. This is a 4berth van suitable for taking away grandchildren. We were most disappointed that this and the smaller 464 had been dropped from the range. We cannot have a larger van as we cannot store it at home and would be forced to keep it on a storage site with the resulting gross inconvenience and additional costs. When attending any show if the caravan shipping length exceeds 6.4 m we just walk away and tell the salesman why. Lunar are not the only manufacturer to blame Bailey and Swift are just as guilty. Manufacturers recently have been concentrating on weight and have largely ignored length. If a 4 berth van is made this is only largely available in the basic range only, within the shipping length we require. We have stored our van at home for over 35 years and are grossly disappointed at the very limited choice available to us in the mid to clubman ranges.

    There is no way we could consider the Quasar/Conquest 554 model and we do not want to move home to buy one!!!!

  4. ron latimer says:

    it was cheaper in caravan club magazine this decembers issue

  5. Peter Coxell says:

    We have just converted back to a caravan from a motorhome but previously had a double fixed bed (Compass 534). We liked the fixed bed but it took up too much room and the washroom was small. Having looked at several new vans at the NEC we were very pleased to see a van with 2 fixed single beds with a double at the front end (the Lunar 554 Conquest). We were very impressed with the magnificent rear washroom which is very spacious, has a large shower unit, and a dometic ceramic lined swivel toilet(dealer special add-on). We were also taken by the very light interior,possibly enhanced by another dealer add-on of a large heiki front roof vent. The van gives a very spacious feeling to it which was absent in the double fixed bed and we feel it is ideal as a luxury unit for us OAP’s who take the grandchildren away 3/4 times a year. We have been back to the local dealer several times to see if we can better it but every time we have decided that this was the one! Needless to say we have one on order and cannot wait to start the 2013 season in it both in the UK and Europe.
    In closing, I would point out that in the article above you mention that the fridge is OVER the wardrobe. In fact, the converse is true, and the fridge is more spacious than ones we have had previously even with the freezer section in place. Finally, a very important point to mention. Strictly speaking,the front double bed is not 5′ wide. It only measures 46″!!! I took this up with Lunar and they confirmed it IS 5′ wide, BUT, wait for it, only if you remove the front drawer unit. Quite honestly, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to unscrew this unit every night, and where would you put it anyway? We have tried the bed in situ and it is a bit of a squeeze but adequate so it is a minor inconvenience. If a purchaser wants the full 5′ then they can opt for the drawer unit to be left out and have a wrap around front dinette. Overall, we think this layout is long overdue and is a useful addition to the range.

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