Will you be using your caravan or motorhome throughout winter?

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  1. Nick says:

    I use my motorhome all year, regularly twice a week to the local superstore when not abroad. Why are motorhomes devalued when they have travelled a few miles. They remain in better condition if they are used regularly. If anything goes wrong you are aware of it before you travel to Europe. Can someone tell me when people foolishly spend up to fifty grand on a mobile portaloo and then never use it because they are scared of depreciation.

    Motorhomes should retain their value better, they are regularly serviced and well cared both for inside and out. A few year round miles on the clock shows that engine has not stood for months. If driven carefully 2.3 Ducato 130’s can achieve 31 to 35 on a long run. The engine is capable of 200,000 miles if properly looked after.

    So why do we allow the dealers to rip us off. It’s time for change. Most of us are pensioners who can’t afford to take massive losses.

    When I bought my 2008 van there was a minor problem so I phoned the previous owner for guidance. During our conversation I learned that the dealer had made £8,000 in two without doing anything. In one day and out the next

    It is time we stood up for our rights. “So what”, if the vehicle has travelled a few miles, the value is still there if it has been treated properly but owners have this crazy idea that they can’t drive very far because the price will drop dramatically.

    We should get a fair price when selling. I would rather run mine for a million miles than take another financial hit. I imagine many of you feel the same.

    I am running out of ink so I will shut up for now, meanwhile remember your pockets are being hit for thousands…….

  2. peter roberts says:

    That is great news Trev, you will not be dissapointed.Cost of living is 20% lower than UK.In Spain not much defference in fuel prices between supermarkets and garage forcourts.
    Diesel is 1.41euro/litre at the moment…… enjoy! !
    Weather mid teens and sun.

  3. Trev says:

    Peter, will soon be there. Actually visiting Portugal for a couple of months on the way, or may do it the other way around. Not sure yet but ferries booked to Santander

  4. peter roberts says:

    In Southern Spain at the moment visiting Valencia Barca and Madrid anything to get away from the lousy British winter!
    Motorhome cost thousands so use it or lose it.
    Fellow camping vaners try to get the best value from your investment USE IT ALL YEAR that is what you bought it for ! !
    I have lost count of the times I see M/Homes in storage month after month.
    16deg and sunshine here no ice or snow GREAT

  5. Karl says:

    Went to Chrystal Palace and Colchester from 18-22 Dec and due to go to Chelston Motorhomes for 60’s weekend on 8-10 Feb after it was cancelled last weekend due ot the snow. It’s warm inside and getting away when it’s cold is another part of the experience and enjoyment. I didn’t spend all that money to leave it deteriorate for 6 winter months of the year!

  6. PioneerBill says:

    As expensive as they are, Motorhome’s should not be left on the driveway over the winter month’s. If you have a good heating system and insulation, then get out and enjoy it, some of the scenery at this time of year is fantastic. Merry Christmas.

  7. Trev Eden says:

    Sorry , I was referring to summer . This is the first year we decided to tour the uk instead of southern med.
    as for winter, we do use the motorhome up to the end of November . After that we generally find its too cold, so stick the motorhome in safe storage for a couple of months.

  8. jim scott says:

    caravaning or motorhoming throughout the winter is one of the last remaining hidden secrets. There is no need to book, the sites are filled with like minded people. The showers are quiet and the weather is usually better than in the summer. Whats not to like .

  9. Gordyp says:

    Like all your points ,we will be away at New Years like the man says you invest a lot of money in them so for me with work every chance you get enjoy it

  10. Trev Eden says:

    The motorhome is in storage. The unit is closed now for the winter, so won’t be using again until next year. Then in march we will remove from store, pack up and head for Portugal for a few months.
    Tried this country this year, not a good idea unless you like rain and yet more rain and cold. Brrrrr lol

  11. Eric Day says:

    Hi the question of use of mhome during the winter months,
    to perchase a mhome and not use it is unexceptible, so we are of to Moroco for the winter, Merry Christmas,

  12. peter roberts says:

    when you invest thousands of pounds in a motor home you HAVE to use it to justify the outlay
    we will be in southern europe all winter to get away from the miserable cold dark wet UK if you are retired who would not want to do this ?
    and in Spain and Portugal it is much cheaper to live on a week by week basis plus the sunsine LOL

  13. Neil, Caravan Guard says:

    John h – you make a great point, we’ll add a ‘I’ll be using abraod in warmer climates’ category next time. Lucky you!

    Caravan Guard

  14. derek pringle says:

    We usually go away for about 3 breaks during the winter and will maybe do the same this year adding the caveat ‘depending on the weather’

  15. Steve says:

    Have just gone from caravan to motorhome we shall be using the motorhome through the winter, just like we did with the caravan. Had some great times caravaning in the winter and over christmas ans new year

  16. Richard Kilbride says:

    Being a member of motorhoming-wild, I have loads of free advice and information on places to stay free, or at a bargain, throughout Britain and Europe, year round. So I don’t have to stop enjoying my motorhome, just because the campsite owners want to get off on holiday.

  17. Kevin says:

    We keep our motorhome in covered, secure storage, but take it out for a drive every couple of weeks. We also hope to get a few nights away, depending on work/family committments. Roll on next year when we retire!

  18. John H says:

    We regularly use our motorhome in winter and have voted accordingly but there is no real category for us because most of that winter use is in Mediterranean countries. As I write this (towards the end of November in the south-eastern corner of Spain) I am sitting in brilliant sunshine with higher temperatures than we experienced in summer in England – so it can hardly be described as winter!

  19. Brian says:

    Unfortunately we won’t be using our new caravan this winter because it has had to go back to the manufacturer to have a problem sorted under warranty that the dealer was unable to fix for us. We have been so disappointed with the build quality.

  20. Jean says:

    We are off to London for a few days in ours early December so hoping it will not snow!! If it is very cold we don’t fill up with fresh water but use a container inside the van (’08 Swift Bolero 600EK), not much of a problem as we will be out most of the time. We use a small electric radiator and leave it on low all the time and find this keeps it warm in all but the coldest of days.

  21. Craig says:

    Some good advice there about the covers for water containers. Is it the ALDE heating system you have? We have featured this before: https://www.caravanguard.co.uk/news/getting-the-best-out-of-the-alde-compact-3010-heating-system-3718/
    Enjoy your winter caravanning!
    Caravan Guard

  22. Janet says:

    We will certainly be using our caravan in the winter 🙂 There are some loverly sites open all year round & as long as you have a cover for your Water containers it’s fine on the cold nights. We have the Wet central heating system which keeps us very warm. Love caravanning whatever the time of year.

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