Six tips for winter motorhoming

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  1. Alex Ayers says:

    Not bad but as 80% of Motorhomes are on Seval chassis tell all sufferers about water ingress to the engine compartment. Even worse on Mark twos. It Rusts injectors into Fiat heads, drops on alb modules and rusts the gear change linkage on Peugeots-and fills the headlight bowls with water. In my case a £1,600 bill as the vehicle was only two months old after a lot of agro eventually settled by Peugeot Uk. The motor home trade is a disgrace. Coming on top of the Sargent habitation electronics, 3 faulty Thetford fridges this is the worst £63,000 I have ever spent.

  2. Raybo says:

    Our motorhome is not insulated to the level of the recent models but that doesn’t stop us going out in the winter months. We don’t use the freshwater tank after the end of October as we drain the system down, we carry a 20 litre water carrier which gives us enough water for the average day.
    Water is heated in kettles and pans for personal hygiene and pot washing and the waste water tank is drained straight into a Wastemaster or in severe frosts into an open bucket which is easy to tip out if it freezes.
    Having front wheel drive it is best to park up so you can reverse out as pushing a heavy vehicle is better than pulling it out of a sticky situation is easier and there should be less wheel slip.
    If you do start to slip don’t keep trying to drive out of the situation, get out and try to get something like a mat under the tyres. In wet conditions I always lay my gripper mats down first and park on to them to give the tyres a start.

  3. Kevin Madeley says:

    One of the great things about touring in the UK is that interesting landscapes are not very far away at any time. Where we live the countryside is flat but the Peak District is quite close. In winter time the wonderful snowy slopes of Derbyshire offer a massive contrast to our locality giving us wonderful winter breaks not too far from home. With excellent camp sites and pubs with raging open fires, Derbyshire in winter has a lot to offer.

  4. Jerry Cook says:

    With modern insulation and heating, there is no reason why anyone in motorhome or caravan should not enjoy it all winter. Sensible precautions – use hard standings and electric hookups are a must – you can have the heatin (on electric) on low level all night and also when you are out so that the van is warm to come back to. Soups are great in this weather and slow cookers are useful to have a meal ready-cooked when you get in. We have camped in Dumfries in snow and even climbed Criffel when all the waterfalls were frozen solid – a totally different scenery!

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