Poll: Do you have a tracking device on your caravan?

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  1. Peter says:

    People would be more likely to get a tracker if the subscription cost was not so high.

  2. Mike Frost says:

    I have not activated my tracker as the cost is as much as the cost of the insurance premium also it did not reduce cost of the premium

  3. Alan Berriman says:

    Coachman certainly don’t fit them in different places and as someone has already pointed out the thieves know where they are, rip them out before taking your van and just leave it where your van once was. You may get a low battery warning on some systems but by the time the back up battery has discharged your van is long gone. Waste of time really, but a prerequisite to insure most newish twin axles.

  4. Erwin Williams says:

    Our caravan came with a tracker fitted when we bought it new in 2014, we activated it and paid our yearly subscription. After 3 years however the tracker company informed us that the tracking device on our caravan was now obsolete and the tracking service could not be guaranteed, as this depended on the trackers battery condition, new batteries were not available for obsolete trackers. They advised us to replace the tracking unit. A new tracker costs around 250 pounds (installed) plus about 150 pounds a year subscription (We wouldn’t choose a longer term subscription as it is payable up front, is non refundable or transferable if you sell/change your caravan). We were not impressed with the tracker companys service and chose not to replace the tracker, opting instead to pay the additional premium for the caravan insurance with no tracker.

  5. Andy C says:

    I do note the “Up to” 15% discount, why not a blanket discount as per Alko wheel lock? I am not surprised at the “Up to” discount. You, as insurers get us to pay for all the costs with a tracker (many hundreds when you take into account the annual subscription), The discount offered is vastly less than the cost to the owner of a tracker. From many years as a copper I am not That impressed with any tracker, they CAN assist in recovery, but it’s vital to understand they are in no way a dead cert

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Apologies Andy, I shouldn’t have said “up to” as it is a blanket 15% discount.

  6. Norman says:

    My van has Hydraulic Rams underneath so I can lift the wheels of the ground making it easier to fit twin wheel locks ,front hitch lock as well as alarm and a tracker but if I remove the wheels when winter comes which would be the best way to stop anyone from stealing it but I here insurance companies dont allow this practice can you tell me why surely if there are no wheels on it can’t go anywhere ?

    So with all the stuff I have fitted to van doesn’t stop the the thief surely no wheels must make it more difficult for them and it would also stop my tyres from deteriorating.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Norman, when the caravan wheels are removed winter wheels, locking wheel nuts or locking wheel plates must be fitted in place. The wheels must also be stored away from the caravan.

  7. Mr Keith Haddock says:

    I agree that having a tracker is a good idea which is why I have one that is activated. I also feel the same as Ian who has commented on this site that if my caravan were stolen, I wouldn’t want it after some filthy Herbert & family have soild it with thier presence. I would also sell it & get a new one.
    Important notice….. Talking to a manufacturer of the make of caravan I have, ALL the trackers are installed in the same place so once one has been found & this information has been put out to other theives then its quite easy to rip it out without it being activated or only for a short time & they have gotten away with your pride & joy. Might be worth looking into better instalation techniques.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      We’ve been assured that manufacturers do their best to conceal tracking devices and that some do place them in different areas of the caravan.

  8. Bernie Traynor says:

    i have a tracker fitted it a phantom it the best thing I’ve ever done it connects to my laptop I can check where it is and see what the battery condition is

  9. Ian Sherwood says:

    I have had a tracking device fitted st the insistence of Caravanguard to gain cover for my caravan. I can well understand why insurers insist on this but if my caravan were stolen and subsequently returned would I want to use a product that some moronic thief and their family had used and slept in it. My inclination would be to sell the caravan and buy another so I would be £000’s out of pocket.

  10. Andy Culley says:

    Trackers do NOT offer any protection whatsoever against theft.

    They MIGHT assist in recovering one that has been stolen, but not guaranteed.
    Insurers offer minimal discounts for a fitted tracker as compared that to an Alko wheel lock, so which one do the insurers put their faith in?

    I would far rather invest in preventing my caravan being stolen.


    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments Andy. We offer up to a 15% discount for owners who fit a tracking device compared to 10% for fitting an axle wheel lock. You’re right in that the axle wheel lock will help to deter thieves and make it more difficult for them to steal your ‘van and the tracking device will help to recover it if it is stolen. We would urge owners to invest in as much security as possible to protect their pride and joy and we try to reward those security conscious owners with a range of discounts.

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