Poll: Do you use your caravan washroom?

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  1. Philip says:

    We predominantly use CLs and love being all self contained.

  2. Patricia Stebbing says:

    Use the shower as an extra closet

  3. G Freshwater says:

    We use all the onboard facilities when wild camping, and site facilities during the day when not. We got the ‘van so that we could use the facilities at night without having to dress and go outdoors. Prior to that, we had a spade when wild camping with our two-man tent!

  4. Wilf. Manley says:

    There is no point in paying for something that is not going to be used.

  5. John says:

    No choice but to use my own facilities in the van as we are normally on a rally field without any on site washroom etc. If you’ve paid thousands of pounds for a van then why not use all the caravan , especially as with site fees now are exorbitant, even caravan club sites can be 30 – 35 pounds a night.
    If not rallying we would generally use a CL, commercial sites are a last option!

  6. Andrew says:

    We use our washroom to its full extent, you could say, as we normally only pitch on fields (with just a tap for water and a drain for the effluant) and at various festivals where the onsite facilities are sometimes less than basic. However, we do use campsite facilities when we use proper campsites, but this is a rarity. We also bought this caravan for its luxurious bathroom and large shower. Many caravans we tried had small round showers and they were obviously for campsite use only, as these showers were not fit for our purpose……… And those were the ‘high end’ models.

  7. Allan Gilmour says:

    We do use the washroom, but will use the site facilities where possible. In general we use the shower when our grandson is with us, but have occasionally used this ourselves when we are hooked up to a water supply and drainage.

    We use the toilet more for during the night, rather than have to get dressed and go out in the rain etc.

    As long is it is ventilated and kept clean there should be no problems.

  8. Chris Tiller says:

    We use our caravan regularly including attending club rallies where ‘own sanitation’ is essential. Prefer to use our own facilities which are clean, the temperature of the water is hot, and you don’t need to ‘step outside’ to face the cold and damp (when its raining). Its only a short distance from the lounge or bed to the toilet / shower as opposed to having to walk to a shower block.

    Can’t understand why you would wish to use site facilities which may not be up to the standard of your own caravan.

  9. Chris Murphy says:

    Unfortunately the way the question has been framed, a not entirely accurate poll will be cast.


    When on a site with toilets & showers we utilise them.

    However, when we find ourselves on a site with no such facilities, we use all of our onboard washroom from toilet to washbasin and shower.

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