Poll: How often do you have a motorhome habitation service?

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  1. Mr. Peter Pillai says:

    My personal opinion is, it is simple ripoff and not worth the money. Personally I would pay for proper servicing of my gas heating, boiler and the fridge, the rest really doesn’t require much skills or expertise.

  2. RN Theasby says:

    If you are a competent day or engineer,motor homes are simple to maintain. Habitation checks are a rip off and I have first hand experience of fraud by a leading southern dealer. Warranty ok for the period, beyond save your money.

  3. David Coulter says:

    We have a lot of money tied up in the motor home and a hab check every year gives us piece of mind it checks everything is safe also if any problems are found they can be sorted before they get worse.it also builds a friendship with your dealer.

  4. Barry Carter says:

    I am afraid annual habitation servicing is a bone of contention with me. My wife and I have been Motorhoming now some 14 years and caravanned 15 years prior to that. We have had three Motorhomes all from new my current one being an Autotrail Apache 700 so we think we know a little bit about Motorhomes and there quirks and problems. When we have our cars and the Motorhome cab/engine serviced everything goes smoothly it’s dealt with in a professional way in the time allotted and looks and feels like they have been serviced along with the appropriate documentation, however when it comes to the Motorhomes Habitation servicing once out of the guarantee period things seem to change and it seems the number one item that they set out to find is damp, of course we want them to find damp but not when it is evident what it is, as an example: our servicing has usually taken place in early spring the vehicle is cold all the storage lockers have been cleared for the service, there are metallic strips within these areas which when the vehicle warms up on its way to servicing condensation forms but every time this is picked up as damp even when I have told them about it, funny it was not raised during its warranty. Regarding the gas/electric appliances and the water system, of course I want to know if there is a gas or combustion fume issue but the gas, same as the water, I would know if there was a pressure loss issue as I constantly monitor these but that doesn’t seem to count when they tell me there are leaks when I know there aren’t also when out of warranty we ask for minor items like broken catches and torn sealing rubbers to be replaced these never get done without a revisit.

    I have yet to find a servicing centre which is honest and meets my needs and so I have the servicing done on a need to basis with the exception of the damp and gas combustion tests. Barrtec

  5. Les Pridgeon says:

    Having my N&B Clou for 20 years and know how much it costs I do ALL the repairs my self and I would like my money to stay in my pocket.

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