Popularity of motorhome reversing cameras revealed

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  1. jack hoy says:

    my camera has sound as well it makes it much easier when reversing, and i can hear every word people are saying (it’s great)

  2. Brenda flowers says:

    My wife always watches me reversing, even though we have a reversing camera.

  3. C Drake says:

    A reversing camera is very useful but if it is raining the lens is covered in rain drops which makes the view useless. I have asked if there is a way to keep the lens dry/clean (something like a windscreen wiper ?) and been told it does not exist.

    The nearest aid I have tried is a spray coating on the lens which makes the rain drops wet the surface and so form a flat, non-distorting water film on the lens.

    A good theory which doesn’t work.

  4. Robert Napier says:

    Only yesterday I installed a set of reversing sensors to supplement my rear view / reversing dual-camera system, and I’ve just read elsewhere about someone who is going to install reversing sensors at the top of the rear of his motorhome after reversing into an overhead obstacle which was not visible to his camera ……
    They’ll be very much more difficult to install!

  5. Peter ward says:

    I have fwd and reverse cameras my reverse camera is on at all times when driving so that I can observe my tow car behind on its A frame and to check that HGV lorries on the motorway are not following too close.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Peter. They’re clearly useful for more than reversing. We also offer a discount on your motorhome insurance for reversing aids.

  6. Chris says:

    Useful – I have just had a minor disagreement with a wall at no more than 2mph, broken the rear lamp cluster and also somehow disconnected the feed to both rear lamps and brake lights. Estimate it will cost getting on for a couple of hundred to put it right. And I’ve done it before – perhaps it’s time to get a camera!!

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