Our top tips for reversing your motorhome like a pro

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  1. Graham says:

    I think the advice given are the obvious tools that one can fit, camera, sensors etc.
    I have cameras fitted, wife`s invaluable help she said.
    I would have expected you to advise about pivot points, where the pivot point is and if it differs on various vehicles and what to look out for.

  2. David McGrath says:

    Very good article but when I have to reverse the Wife gets out to watch the rear and the first thing I do is completely open both fron windows so any warnings/Instructions can be heard above the engine.

  3. John Carrick says:

    This article very informative and seems best option is reversing camara. It is more difficult to reverse into driveways with steep incline. Best option is using another person to give directions. I think I will invest in a set of Walkie Talkies.

  4. Geoffrey Houghton says:

    Our reversing camera does not cover the full width of the vehicle, therefore there are blinds spots each side. The sensors target the ground and not whats overhead. You need one on top of each corner to be safe.

  5. Peter ward says:

    I use a walkie talkie with my wife, and this is the ONLY time I ask her to keep talking, ok ok ok stop. Nothing worse than using walkie talkies and they forget to speak constantly into them.

  6. Mark says:

    First tip should always be slowly. Be ready to be bloody minded about slowly, dont be panic-ed. Relax.

    Avoiding reversing is not a good tip, you will have to. Early on we were required to reverse down a ferry ramp, we had no real skills. Reversing camera in pitch black and drizzle useless.

    We have found that communication is an issue so the passenger staying in the vehicle and using the rear windows enables an ordinary conversation to be had -safe enough after all you are going a walking pace or less.
    When passenger is outside the vehicle (our new one wont have such good windows) we have found a walkie talkie to be excellent -again it enables a conversation rather than hand signals. Surprisingly it is fully audible just laying on the passenger seat so hands free. Now consider essential. Works in the dark too.
    Practice in a car park and using white lines learn how the vehicle swings on a hard lock, Our Sevel (Peugeot/Ducato) PVC turns at about two meters behind the vehicle: BUT in addition it swings about two meters away from the turn at the front (left turn, front moves to right…a lot).
    Practice against a kerb, keeping parallel one meter out: this is then the skill for a wall or a line of cars (possibly even a ferry ramp but we dont trust ferries any more so wouldnt know)

  7. michael pocknell says:

    all the above advice omitted the risk of tail swing.the body rear overhang.It is frequently forgotten when turning or manouvering.I have experience of this, both with a motorhome and more recently when a Danish caravanner turning sharp left out of a campsite access road.His wife was at the front watching his o/side clearance,no thought given to the back of the van,which hit my caravan towbar,swinging it around,off the steadies,and dragging the awning with it.This happened twice in a week.I was set up on the corner pitch next to the T junction,as per instructed.with a hedge to my right.The Danish driver was totally unaware of the incident until I chased after him in my car.Fortunately,no damage to my van.

  8. Alex Grant says:

    you have totally ignored the only true 360 degree system produced by Trailer Vision

  9. Gillian Moyse says:


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