How the SsangYong Korando is designed for towing

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  1. Vincent Reilly says:

    Best car i have ever owned and i have had them all very powerfull not noisey at all bought a ex demo with 4000 on clock paid 12000 offered nearley 15000 from car buying services it is the 2.2 4×4 elx

  2. Steve B says:

    I bought a Korando 3 months ago as we wanted to upgrade our caravan and needed a larger car, I paid £7500 for A 63 plate, 42000 mile LE 2WD, similar aged Kia’s, Toyotas etc with 2 litre engines and spec, were at least £4000 more,

    The Korando does everything we ask of it, the ride is fine, the engine is slightly noisy but nothing too bad, yes the plastics are maybe not the quality of other cars but everything works and you don’t touch the dashboard all the time.

    The car had auto air con, heated seats, Bluetooth etc, so has enough toys to keep me happy.

    All in all, couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase

  3. Paul says:

    I just bought a Korando EX all wheel drive, 56k and 62 reg for £6500, a £23k car initially. It is superb, great spec and with 5 occupants trailing a folder camper loaded up to gunnels it is a dream to drive. I wouldn’t hesitate buying an ex demo or another one in years to come. Even had friends comment “where’d you get the money for that until they see the badge” great looking car.

  4. Zoe Sterling says:

    I have a Korando SE 2.0 Automatic Diesel, I don’t own a caravan, but I have to admit I was impressed with the vehicle’s towing capability and flood handling. It pulled a 1 tonne horse box with a 550 kg horse and a 400kg horse, so really pushing the pulling power close to it’s limit of 2 tonne and we encountered deep flood water (over 12 ” deep). But my Korando handled everything brilliantly. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the Korando, because if it can pull my horse box and 2 horses, then a decent size caravan will be a doddle.

  5. Peter Head says:

    I have just viewed a new Korando ELX auto to replace my 2008 Honda CRV (original owner). I want an auto and Honda are too expensive at my time of life. I was staggered by the cost/value of the Korando. Could someone please confirm a “real” towing mpg and solo mpg for the auto box. Many thanks.

  6. Andrew Ratcliffe says:

    I have owned a Korrando ELX for over two years now it is the automatic version and find it to be fantastic. It tows a 1600kg caravan with ease and doesn’t slow down when going up hills.
    I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the car, I am really impressed.
    For me I cannot fault the Korrando

  7. Gary Sneath says:

    I have a Korando EX and fuel consumption on average motorway driving is around 38 to 40 mpg.. I have had it better than that on the continent at around 42 mpg on the autobahn at around 80 mph on a long and very flat road..As soon as you start stopping and starting then you are back to around 38 mpg. Bearing in mind that my car is the 175 ps AWD

  8. Steve Lyons says:

    Hi. I am seriously considering a Korando SE 2014 as a towcar for my Bailey Olympus 2 Berth as it sounds just the job. However I need to make regular motorway journeys of 150 miles solo and am concerned about the MPG for this. Can anyone help with actual economy as I realise the published figues are optimistic. Thanks

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Steve,

      As you can see there are a few people here that might be able to give you a better idea on how economical the SsangYong Korando is.

      Can anyone give Steve any more details?


      Caravan Guard

  9. Peter Sheldrake says:

    Purchased an Korando SE 2wd 2014 model ex demo with 2300 miles on the clock pulling Lunar Quasar 554 max 1355kgs so far so good have pulled upto Berwick upon Tweed and then on to St Andrews in Scotland plus some more local trips up into North Yorks. Plenty of power when required & cruises very well. I seem to be getting around 32mpg towing & in excess of 40mpg commuting to work and back but did get 50mpg on M62 without the caravan down to Junction 32 & back. So far very impressed with the car don’t find it that noisy as reports seem to indicate. Plenty of space for all the junk one seems to carry and 2 small dogs. I can recomend this car as a good tow car (CC tow car of the year in its class) and for the price there is nothing else on the market to even come close.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for getting in touch – and for the superb review! We’re always encouraging people to get in touch with feedback on our model reviews so it’s great to see you took the time to do so. Hopefully this will help those who are thinking of buying a Korando!

      Many thanks
      Caravan Guard

  10. Fraser Crookes says:

    Had the Korando for five weeks.In that time I have covered1250 miles.A 200 mile coastal trip averaged52mpg driving at 50mph due to speed cams!Recently a much longer trip to south coast towing my Bailey caravan 1300 kg averaged33mpg.Not bad for first trip.I am favourably impressed with the car so far it is roomy and comfortable with plenty of storage space and has proved to be a stable and powerful towing vehicle.Anyone interested in changing their towing car should ignore all the adverse motoring press and give the Korando a test drive!May be in for a surprise!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Fraser! This is bound to help anyone who’s thinking about which tow car to go for.
      Caravan Guard

  11. Gary Sneath says:

    update on my post of July last year . We have now towed our caravan through Luxembourg and again through Holland. We now have a bigger caravan ,Adria 1500kg and our Korando tows like dream. It has now done 20000 miles without a blip.Fuel consumption is also better now that the engine is loosening up a bit.Averaging (not towing) 42mpg.

  12. Fraser Crookes says:

    I have just purchased a Ssangyong Korando SE 4 from a new dealership in Sheffield. I will comment later after taking delivery in the next few days

  13. Alex Hannah says:

    We purchased a korando in2011 and we tow an avan which fully loaded weighs 1250 kgs on our last trip in outback queensland we covered 9800 Klms and some of this was off road and the car went superb oh by the way it’s a diesel

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Alex,

      It’s great to hear that you’ve had a good experience so far with the Korando – long may it continue!


  14. Dave Pick says:

    I have had my Korando EX since October 2012 .i have been to Cornwall the lake district and Scotland without any problem,I bought an ex demo model fully loaded Sat nav, tow bar and all the extras that i could have bought for it had i wanted to, I also think like J, Challis, but also agree with Graham Mills I feel that the depreciation is worth it , given it would be considerably more on say a BMW or range Rover,So personally speaking i am well happy with mine,My Caravan up until 2 weeks ago was an Adria Adora,

  15. graham mills says:

    In response to J Challis, I also have a Rexton in which I have travelled 86,000 virtually trouble free miles. Few Minor niggles but that is to be expected. Given what I paid for it and the sort of depreciation I would suffer on , say a £65,000 Range Rover I think losing about £10,000 over 5 years is seriously cheap motoring. Also bear in mind that 20% of that is VAT that you lose on any car as soon as you buy it

  16. G Sneath says:

    I have a Korando EX since last November. We have towed our adria caravan down to Spain,We have been to Andorra,Belgium,Holland and are about to go on a trip to Luxembourg. I have found it to be a great tow car,comfortable on a long run .I wouldn’t believe all the negatives you read about ,. So what if the plastics are “a bit hard” do you really go around feeling plastic all day.No,I can thoroughly recommend the Korando after doing 10000 miles and all the continental driving

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      It’s great to hear such good feedback on the Korando – especially from an someone who owns one!

  17. J. Challis says:

    A good article but how many have you seen on the road? What are the three year residuals like? I own a Rexton which would pull a house, however after 5 years it is worth next to nothing, will the same apply to the Korando?

  18. graham mills says:

    Thanks for a very interesting article, I am looking at a change and will certainly take a good look at the Korrando. I spoke with my local dealer and it appears that Ssangyong are about to introduce a campaign where you can borrow at a very limited cost a Korrando for a couple of days and try towing for yourself. That makes real sense, well done Ssangyong , shame more manufacturers don’t follow their lead.

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