2012 Swift Kon-Tiki 659 – Two (extra) wheels on my wagon…

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  1. Kevin & Gay Renwick says:

    We loved our recently sold Kontiki & will be buying another . We wonder if, with a slight design change, if the Living Area TV could be viewed from the captains chairs? Ie could the TV be sited near the kitchen area to facilitate this? We imported our 669 into NZ after a European tour & have had no regrets.

  2. David Smith says:

    Why doesn’t the swift kontiki 659 come in high line version

  3. Tj2k says:

    We’ve just ordered a 12 plate (669 H/Line), note; the Roof-rack & ladder plus the Cab roof-mounted TV (with the built-in DVD player) are all removed which were standard spec from last years specification, which we hadn’t realised (hence needing more money!). The review does mention that the ladder & rack are £350 though 🙂

    On the Generator front, lots of people are moving toward the use of Solar Panels – which are great for recharging (more so than powering appliances / lighting directly – especially at night!) though circa 140 watts isn’t too bad, which seems to be the average power delivery on most installations).

    We can’t afford the luxuries such as solar, satellite (and even a TV aerial – which is not standard spec) as we’re pushing the boat out a little just to get the M/Home – but we’ll get those as time progresses & think it worth the stretch for a new model.

    We do have a Honda EU20i which is great – so we’ll be using that where needed. Our Tv will have to be 240v ac – so will need an inverter for short-term use. Although the E20i is quiet (for a generator), there’s still that stigma attached to using them – by other campers (not that we’ve ever used one on a quiet site).

  4. Jon vennard says:

    Yes very nice I nave a toyota optimo converted myself as I am a carpenter hence e mail address, but yes very nice ,i hope you do well with it.
    Always ook forward to your mail
    Regards jon

  5. Bruce Whittall says:

    I have a Kon-tiki 669 and am very pleased with it. I have fitted tracking to the side which now allows me to attach a full Isabells awning. Such tracking should be fitted as standard. Much better than privacy rooms. Many people have commented on it and agree that tracking should be on motor homes as well as caravans.

  6. derek c says:


  7. Neil says:

    Mo – The Swift Kontiki 659 has two belted seats.

    Keith – This is something more and more people are asking us about. Hopefully one of the manufacturers will produce a motorhome with a generator built in over the next few years, we agree there are times when a leisure battery just won’t cut it!

    Caravan Guard

  8. keith thompson says:

    lovely van always liked the kontiki but why do they not include an onboard generator so you can have total freedom if you wanted

  9. Little Mo says:

    How many belted seats?

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