Ten tips for caravanning in Europe

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  1. Paul Clarke says:

    Just an addition to the comment by John Hughes – very useful purchase.
    We purchased two European adaptors. One has been left unadulterated and the other I have changed the positive and negative wires so that the positive wire is fastened in the negative terminal and the negative wire in the positive terminal of the cable at the bollard end of the plug (reversed polarity). This means that if your polarity checking plug states the site has reversed polarity you just use the correct cable. HOWEVER – IF YOU DO THIS MAKE SURE YOU MARK THE CABLE ACCORDINGLY, I’ve used red tape to easily identify the altered cable.
    Do not assume that all European sites electric bollards are wired with negative polarity, they aren’t.

  2. john hughes says:

    take an electric polarity plug to check polarity before plugging in electrical devices, as some sites have reversed polarity .

  3. Paul Clarke says:

    If you are travelling to Spain with an outfit that measures 40 feet long or more in total you need to fit marker boards to the rear of the caravan – 1 x short one each side or 1 x full width. It is an offence not to have these fitted and it’s an on the spot fine. We purchased 2 x short ones (on line) and instead of using the adhesive tape that comes with them (number plate fixing tape) we purchased Commando strips (from Wilkos) that were easily applied and equally easily removed upon our return. You can’t even see where they had been. These strips allow the boards to be taken off if not required as they are heavy duty Velcro. We can vouch for them as we did 3576 miles with the boards attached and not even a glimmer of them moving. We put 3 large strips at 5n3 top and 3 at the bottom of each board.

    Just one other point regarding the article above. It is suggested on hot days if you go out not to leave the caravan windows open but to secure them on the night latch. As a retired Crime Scene Investigator I suggest you do not do this, you will be leaving a small aperture for someone to insert an implement and force the window fully open quite easily. And always set the alarm if you have one and if you haven’t got one give it consideration – noise deters!!

  4. Allan Gilmour says:

    Make sue that your travel insurance covers you for cancellation costs and using your own vehicle for travel, or get breakdown insurance with cancellation cover for this.

    We were caught out this summer when our car engine overheated and seized, the travel insurance policy included with our bank account which we have used for about 15 years was found severely lacking. Despite not explicitly excluding use of our own vehicle, they stated anything not explicitly stated wasn’t covered. Thankfully we had decided to use the site’s kit and left the caravan at home on this occasion.

  5. Dave Talbot says:

    A two pin plug to three pin round socket converter will be needed to connect to the pitch electrical supply on some sites in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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