Tips and products to reduce rattles in your motorhome

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  1. Polar fleece is much better and cheaper than the shelf liners for silencing.l bought 4″ foam and cut out circles for plates,cups was pricey but silence is golden.

  2. Lee Burman says:

    We are a big fan of teatowels under the hob cover. Makes a big difference & would be packing them anyway

  3. loz fenwick says:

    ive been fitting and repairing upvc doors, window hinges/mechanisms for years, have a Bailey Autograph, i use silicone spray but for all round lubricant / release you cant beat GT85, multi-purpose spray ptfe lubricant oil, i never use wd40, releases rust but strips all the goodness out.

  4. Jeannie Garven says:

    A Neoprene lap top sleeve (available in pound shops and the like) are great for oven trays.

  5. Anthony Deakin says:

    WD40 is not really a lubricant, the WD is short for Water Displacement. Silicone spray lubricant is a better product for lubricating squeaky hinges.

  6. Phil Shepherd says:

    Sauce pans, metal pie dishes and grill pan are enclosed in bubble wrap bags, not sure where we got the bags unless we vandalised some large jiffy bags.

  7. Angela Palmer says:

    We use bubble wrap on our microwave plate and the grill tray on the cooker.

  8. Phil Nevett says:

    A good informative article or us newbies. Thanks.

  9. Sheila Wheeldon says:

    Shoe boxes are great for packing – ours contain tons, jars, games and bits and bobs – and plastic pull-out fridge containers increase capacity and stop rattles and fall-iut.

  10. ARTHUR HULSE says:

    Re. WD40 for squeaky hinges – the hinges on the rear door of my Romahome campervan were so stiff the fibreglass around them was beginning to develop cracks! I tried pretty much everything to no avail. Then I tried one of the oils for my bike chain and it freed them up after just one application – I was amazed! So my recommendation for any similar problems is Muc-Off URBAN 4 WET OIL – brilliant stuff!

  11. Lee says:

    My mum and friend crocheted some doilies for between plates and dishes, they get used daily to save noise n chips when stacking up plates and dishes, also between mugs as well as protection to crockery when traveling.

  12. Shane says:

    Great article however I wouldn’t use WD40 anywhere near my motorhome. It seems to be the ‘go to’ quick-fix remedy suggested for everything. In my experience it strips out any existing necessary lubricants (eg like those found in lock mechanisms), penetrates plastics (making plastic hinges swell an the squeak) and often gives ineffective short lasting lubrication.
    Silicon, on the other hand, I recommend as a very effective lubricant for metal plastic, rubbers surfaces.

  13. stephen says:

    very good all ready do some of them

  14. robin says:

    Been using wd 40 for 60 years, never a problem and my skin is fine,, there are alternatives ut they are all based on parafin.. filling your car or mo ho withe diesel or petrol is just as risky for your skin,,,

  15. Mags says:

    To stop glass bottles rattling against each other, use worn out socks! Cut the foot part off and slide the top part onto the bottle. Neat recycling!

  16. Fiona says:

    A really good product to use is food grade silicon spray

  17. Kathryn says:

    We had a squeaking door hinge on our Cheyenne 840. Big door- big noise! We tried everything, 3 in 1 oil, WD40 etc. Turns out the spray for the toilet cassette seal works wonders on noisy hinges! More than 1 year on, the squeak hasn’t come back.

  18. Karen Park says:

    Hi, I’ve found that elastic hair bands wrapped round your cutlery helps stop them rattling in the drawer. Also, I use the rubber mesh matting wrapped round my grill pan and any trays in the oven are great rattle stoppers too. Just remember to remove them when you get to your destination.

  19. Nigel Whitlock says:

    WD40 Silicone spray is a good tool to carry….

  20. WD40 is not a good thing to use in a motorhome or caravan, apart from the smell it can stain surfaces and is not good for your skin either.

    • Thanks for your comments Ray. Wipe any excess as you go and as with any chemical/cleaning substances – don’t let them come into direct contact with your skin and check the ingredients/advice on the label first. Some people prefer to use washing-up liquid on internal hinges.

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