Video: Fitting axle wheel locks to a twin axle caravan

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  1. Richard Harrisson says:

    All sounds easy to do but in reality these locks are a pain and a safety hazard, try putting locks on when A frame is up tight to garage door and driveway has a slight slope and 4 motor movers fitted, you cannot get any wheel to align up, my only way is to use a bottle jack through the centre of the twin wheels, do NOT lift on the chassis but can just get it on axle plate of the rear wheel hoping it does not slip off, only then can I lift van and rotate both wheels and fit locks. As Caravan Guard states both locks must be fitted but doing it this way is not very safety minded, ALSO after jacking any wheel up then fitting the locks and then lowering back onto the ground causes a great stress on the receiver and lock as the wheel slightly turns when touching the ground, doing that a few times will bend and weaken the receiver part or even the lock itself.
    Would be better and safer for Caravan Guard to allow us to use alternative wheel locks like Nemesis Ultra or Milenco Wraith which I believe are just as secure and 100% safer to fit.

    • Hi Richard, we will accept one axle wheel lock plus an alternative wheel clamp, or another piece of security such as an alarm or tracker if your caravan is over a certain value and stored at home without a drive post or locked gate. If you want to change the security listed on your insurance policy then give us a call to discuss.

  2. John Lindon says:

    Can I use this product on a Motorhome

  3. Michael smith says:

    No good are caravan was stolen with one of these fitted

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