Do you use a motorhome awning?

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  1. Simon M says:

    I will get an air awning next time….

    Away most weekends from Easter into late Autumn. If pitched for a few days and the winds predicted to stay below 15 to 20 mph. then we will use a full Safari room that works off the thule / omnistar wind out awning. Fantastic, but it takes such a lot of effort to set up and take down.
    Always add storm straps and once fully pegged the safari room has survived some moderate gales when other awning about have been blown apart.

    However, it can be stressful using the fixed safari room if the weather changes and I’d now always recommend an air awning instead. They are so much simpler to use and when air awnings collapse in a storm the motorhomes seem to escape damage.

    One tip my friend has for his air awning is to use an extra double sided joint between the motorhome and the air awning. Then in an emergency or if packing up in high winds, he slides that extra jointing rubber out of the rail and so allows the air awning collapse whilst still fully pegged.

  2. Dave Speers says:

    We use both the canopy for short stays 1-3 days, always guyed and pegged. For longer stays we use a ”Khyam” Motordome pop up drive away awning. Great awning that has stood up to all weather conditions.

  3. Robert Butler says:

    Yes I agree with Sid only only stay on campsite for few days, use it for shade then move on

  4. Spikeymatt says:

    I have a wind out awning used very occasionally and a full Safari room which in 11 years has never left the garage

  5. marksweeneyperth says:

    That’s exactly the reason we ended up buying a full awning.Peace of mind.Much as I liked windout it was just a worry all the time.

  6. Sid Withey says:

    Only a wind out awning for shade. Rarely use campsites or stay in one spot for longer than a few days, so a full awning would never be used.

  7. kim toms says:

    we use a wind out and a drive away

  8. Denise Thurlby says:

    We have a wind out awning which we do use occasionally if touring or on a 3 day break and weather is guaranteed, as it is a bit of a nuisance having to wind it in before you go out for the day in case the wind gets up. We also have a full air awning which we much prefer as you can open it up fully to cook outside, or close it up as much as you need for extra room. Particularly useful for storing the extra things we take when we stay for 4 days of more, drying the dogs, hanging wet coats and drying towels.

  9. Brian Williams says:

    We use a wind out canopy and sometimes with safari awning/privacy room.

  10. Ken Octon says:

    We have a wind out awning, but have just bought a safari room to give us extra space (mainly for the dog whilst we are cooking or eating).

  11. Ken Seaman says:

    Bought new M/H last year – No awning fitted to it.
    Previous M/H had a wind out one fitted.
    Pros and Cons from both options.

    With :- Gives you extended space to sit outside the vehicle and good for dogs in hot sun or if it rains.

    Without :- Easier and quicker to pack up and move vehicle. Less opportunity to sit outside the vehicle in showers or too hot sun.

  12. marksweeneyperth says:

    Wish i’d wound mine in at night. Never got a good nights sleep when i did leave it out as always worried it would get damaged. Tried all sorts of tie down straps, pegs, etc but it would only take so much and ended up buying a full awning which I’m hoping will be more secure. Have managed to fix my windout so coulsd still use it but will have to be very careful in future.

  13. Maryann Hogan says:

    I use both wind out and safari room when needed

  14. Tony Bosworth says:

    WE use a canopy mainly,but use a full awning if we are staying on site for more than 4-5 Days

  15. Barry Carter says:

    I am into my third Motorhome length 7.5mtrs two came fitted with wind out awnings which from the manufacture’s perspective were classed as sun screens and not to be used in other than light wind or left unaccompanied but like others I have used tie-downs and left them up (accidentally) in storms but have seen awnings destroyed on other motorhomes where they’ve been blown over their roofs. The other problem with any awning attached to the vehicle, that doesn’t have steadies, is getting to sleep at night, if your a light sleeper like us there’s all the flapping and then there’s the sail effect which rocks the motorhome suddenly when the wind gusts and so I’ve got in the habit of winding it back in at night if only for peace of mind and a refreshing nights sleep and of course there’s that quick get away in the morning after all it’s a Motorhome and not a caravan with all the paraphernalia they seem to carry. But still we wouldn’t be without it.

  16. alan wilson says:

    I use both wind out and driveaway air awning as and when required

  17. Mark Sweeney says:

    Used to love using wind out awning but very apprehensive about putting it up as on a few occasions have had to get up in middle of night to wind in due to windy conditions and eventually stopped using as got ripped and after repairing still won’t put it up now.Bought an Outdoor Revolution air awning at show last year but have only used once so far and loved it but still to be proved in high winds.Did really love m wind out but just not worth the stress.

  18. richard Braithwaite says:

    I would not be without my awning keeps items dry, shelters the wind ideal for hanging up the bath towel after shower and any wet clothing if it rains. The only thing I would advise is please make sure you tie it down well to ground with pegs, as one never knows when gust of winds come. That extra ten minutes is worth it.

  19. Kev says:

    We use both a wind out awning and a drive away awning

  20. Malcolm cheary says:

    We use a wind out and full awning

  21. Sue Mota says:

    We use both a drive away awning or the wind out one. Depends on how long we are staying put.

  22. Neil Dobson says:

    we use both wind up canopy and full awning as an when needed

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