VIDEO: Five tips for reversing your caravan

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  1. David Massey says:

    Watched the video really helpful but the best bit was the comment about the hankie priceless **

  2. Lorraine Turner says:

    Now I have watched the video I will have a go. Well explained.

  3. Rob Strong says:

    Tie a handkie or piece of cloth to the bottom of the steering wheel, nearest your knees. Which ever way the cloth goes the caravan will go. Saves thinking about reverse steering.

  4. roger miller says:

    I am going to try to get my wife to have ago she has watched the
    Video and found it very helpful

  5. Brian Ardill says:

    Very helpful. Like the emphasis on taking it slowly. Have a motor mover which I usually use. Once successfully reversed into the pitch!

  6. Kevin Draper says:

    This is excellent. Best piece I’ve seen in this newsletter. Feel like I want to go out and practise.
    Our first van had a broken mover so I had to learn by trial and error. We then bought a newer van with evo3 mover. Great. Get into any pitch.
    4 years on, we pull into motorway services and I’m looking for a drivethrough. Oh no it’s one I have to reverse into!
    Finally I now have a fault on evo3. Its in warranty and I will sort it but I have to get onto my drive. By luck it got me half way and I pushed it the last bit.
    It makes me think that reversing should be a test thing, like reversing your car into a junction. So you should have to be confident you could do it.
    Btw I think there’s an error in your photos. Both the reverse to right and to left show a photo with the driver blindsided.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the excellent feedback Kevin and good luck with the practising!
      We’ve also changed the photo – thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  7. Frank Connor says:

    Very helpful & clear instructions. Been on towing course but still find it difficult to reverse? Hope fully this video will give me more confidence to keep on trying.

  8. john constable says:

    One important thing not mentioned is to also check the front of you vehicle is not going to hit anything

  9. Richard Randall says:

    Top top. If you collect an unwanted audience, ask them to help you to push the caravan. You could end up with new friends. The unhelpful will disappear behind their twitching curtains.

  10. Anthony Newman says:

    Perfect information for all to follow.Been an HGV Driver for 50+ somit looks easy but we all Make Mistakes. Not many I am pleased to say

  11. George Bailey says:

    I am a hopeless reverser, but this should certainly help!

  12. Martin says:

    Even seasoned pros get it wrong (not that I’m THAT seasoned. Or a pro…)
    Great tips and advice

  13. Alan Smith says:

    Excellent video, well explained, good comunication with the banksman or woman is essential, possibly with the use of a whistle.

  14. David Lomas says:

    Excellent video. Very well explained, and even after many years towing, I still get it wrong at times! This year I invested in a motor mover, and its been brilliant for those really tricky pitches or when I want to turn the caravan 180 degrees to get that sea view. As Malcolm said, take it slow, and practice when you can.

  15. Malcolm Hayes says:

    Excellent video and information ,5* from me

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