Video: How to set up your awning for maximum strength

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  1. Susan colclough says:

    I wish someone would show me how to peg out the doorway sill to prevent water pudding into the awning. The sill has to stay loose in a doorway, water then creeps into the awning over the tarpaulin. Surely a sill that could peg either way would help?
    I’m searching for answers but all I see is pegging out with no thought to campers using a doorway in wet weather.

  2. zoe abbiss says:

    Help !! So my awning is up and taut however the huge amounts of rain has sagged the awning top what should I do ?

  3. Bruce Gomersall says:

    I have a continental awning from Kit o Vent. The pegging points are on the inside with a storm skirt on the outside. I have been pegging it on the inside, but I think that from recent stormy weather it should be pegged more on the outside with the outer skirt above the pegs. Any comments? I would prefer an Isabella awning, but this one came with the caravan, which is a Trigano Silver pop top

    • Hi Bruce, some Eurovent seasonal awnings have a very different method of pegging out compared to others. The inside pegging on these awnings allows water to drip away from the floor of the awning by using an extended skirt, keeping the interior dry. Adding storm straps to this type of awning is attached from the roof, so no extra pegs on the outside are required. IF at all in doubt, consult the user manual or better still contact a dealership that stock these awnings.

  4. Andrew says:

    Very good article. We used to have an awning when the children came with us. But we just have a canopy now, even so some of the tips and pointers in this article are useful and can be used, especially the storm straps and a twist stops them flapping and vibrating…. Mind you, when the wind gets that bad its best to put the canopy away.

  5. Michael Brotherton says:

    We are new to caravanning and I have what is probably a stupid question but if, as advised, you cross peg at the door zips then how do you open the doors if it’s pegged down?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Michael, you don’t peg the zips, you cross peg the corner straps. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your question.

  6. Ron Rafferty says:

    Ron Rafferty iv’e found that it helps to put water lagging strips on the top poles to stop any noise from flaping resulting in having a good nights sleep

  7. Adrian says:

    If you arrive late at a site do not rush to get set up. Save it for the morning otherwise you may regret it and end up not setting up properly which then runs the risk of damage . As I saw at one site a couple new to erecting a caravan awning declined help from a few of us and ended up pegging through canvas rather than just the tension eye !

  8. Matthew Lammin says:

    We are/were moving up to a caravan this year from a folding camper, and thought I had a good idea of what to do, just shows you keep learning, especially the cross pegging by doors, thanks for the film.A real eye opener as I have seen many a baggy awning on sites.

  9. Alan says:

    One big problem with this article.
    If you have your groundsheet protruding beyond the awning you will regret it as soon as it starts to rain. Water will run down the awning onto the groundsheet and straight into your living area.
    Keep the edge of your groundsheet just inside the awning. You can even turn the edge up so it rests agains the inside of the awning if you want to be really certain, but make sure it stays that way and doesn’t drop down and protrude.
    This also applies to a footprint used with a tent, I had to turn the edges in of a groundsheet that was supposed to fit but funneled water straight between the footprint and the tent groundsheet.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comment Alan. We filmed this video and took the photos for this blog post in very muddy conditions, and this is why we pegged into the groundsheet to try to keep the awning as clean as possible. Ordinarily, we would agree with your comments and that when setting up in normal conditions, we would have the groundsheet turned under and inside the awning. Also, Isabella offers a range of carpets called ground cover (which we didn’t have on the day) that can be pegged through and have on the floor to keep the awning cleaner during these conditions.

  10. Carl Battersby says:

    I have to agree with Colin regarding the pegs in close proximity to the caravan, not easy especially on a hard standing pitch. I am always learning something or being reminded of something I need to get right in these articles, always a good read. I think the best method though is being as methodical as can be and make sure you have read your particular instructions and have them with you at all times. YouTube articles are a good watch also.

  11. Dr Allan Dowson says:

    very informative

  12. TERRY BUXTON says:

    Excellent really well and simply explained

  13. Austin Bates says:

    Very useful. Even though I have been caravan g for some years. There is some good tips in the video.

  14. colin turner says:

    I have always found it a real problem with the first pegs to be put in either side of the awning ,underneath the caravan, or direct in line with awning. they never seem to sit well, difficult to peg in because of the close proximity to the van and are constantly being readjusted

  15. Robert Hayes says:

    Well thought out and process of erecting the awning with checks of its construction.

  16. Julie Ashley says:

    Good advice

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