VIDEO: Ways to achieve a level caravan

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  1. Mike says:

    I use short lengths of wood under the wheel to be raised. But always adjust front to back before fitting alko lock because raising or lowering the nose changes the position of the screw hole relative to the wheel.

  2. David Powell says:

    Sarking. What is sarking?

  3. Ossie Rinning says:

    On pitches that are gravel based we make a depression on the side that is high. We move the unit into the depression slowly till the required level is attained.
    The gravel is returned at the wheel and the unit is level.
    On other surfaces we use a length of sarking.

  4. I think you mean “firmly chock both caravan wheels..” That’s the way I do it.

  5. Michael King says:

    Thank you for the article on levelling. We use a Lock and Level on our single axle caravan and think it is fantastic. Some points to note from experience are,
    1. You need to be very careful to avoid the caravan tyre contacting the Lock and Level air valve. For this reason I always put the caravan onto the Lock and Level using the motor mover and approach from the non valve end.
    2. If you are on a hardstanding with gravel or sharp stone it is best to put a strip of Astro turf or similar on the ground first to protect the Lock and Level.
    3. When you are packing away before releasing the air from your Lock and Level, always raise the Steadies.
    4. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – before releasing the air from your Lock and Level, either connect your caravan to the tow car or apply your motor movers. When you release the air from the Lock and Level the bag deflates nearest to valve first and if not restrained the caravan wheel on the Lock and Level will roll a short distance causing the caravan to slew round.
    5. Don’t stand to close to to the side of the caravan that is being lowered. If there is any water on the roof then it spills onto this side. Not a good start to the trip home.
    Michael King.

  6. Alan Holmes says:

    Regarding the advice about going forward onto a ramp/block to lift one side of the caravan. While I fully understand the reasoning for this, it is not always possible to get get a ramp under the front of the wheel because of the motor mover.
    My usual camping is on fields at events, which are rarely level, and it is not unusual to have to raise one side of the caravan by several inches.. I already have a front box full of ramps/blocks and I’d need to tow with a pick up truck to get sufficient ramps/blocks to have a long shallow ramp to drive up so that the ramp/block didn’t catch on the motor mover.
    When it’s necessary to raise up several inches I’ve found the only practical way is to reverse up the ramp/blocks to the required level, firmly check both caravan wheels at the front and back, apply the caravan handbrake, and then gently move the car forward so that the tow hitch expands. Not ideal but in many situations it’s the only way to do it.

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