WSL Safety Bolts: solution by name, solution by nature

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  1. John Gorbutt says:

    Floating collars have been used on car wheels for years I have some that I use to fit my winter wheels

  2. Chris Sanderson says:

    Like the idea of these studs but is there a lockable version available otherwise the wheels will be easy takings for any thief

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Chris, the WSL Wheel Safety Bolts come with a security/locking wheel bolt head.

  3. GRAHAM JACOBS says:

    My caravan is currently insured with Caravan-guard [renewal Nov.2013] – I fitted WSL safety bolts earlier this year – will you consider a premium discount for this safety feature when my renewal is due – Many thanks

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Graham, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we don’t offer discounts for fitting WSL Safety Bolts at this stage. We do however offer premium discounts on other safety devices such as axle-wheel locks, anti-snaking devices, Tyron bands and Trackers. Visit our discounts page for more information.

  4. Roger Bowen says:

    the reason I believe caravan wheels bolts work loose is the fact that on all the vans I have owned the weight of the caravan is carried by the bolts and not by the the centre of the wheel as in all other cases be it cars or trucks I believe that caravan manufacturers are not having their wheels designed to fit the hubs correctly

  5. John says:

    As a retired mechanical engineer I think the practice of caravan wheels not locting on the spigot on the brake drum is a major factor in wheels coming off as any movement radially will slowly grow and result in catastrophe on all the cars I have owned the wheel is located on the hub spigot and the bolts only have to hold in one direction axially thus no movement

  6. David Robinson says:

    Sounds good. However, all I use is my torque wrench and a drop of Loctite thread locker on the thread and it works great.

  7. Mr A D Lecheminant says:

    Its good to hear this but we do not all have a Bailey. Could you please publish where these sets can be purchased for other makes of caravan, or are you like the Caravan Club developing a Bailey Bias, Nearly ever thing Bailey is given priority in the Club Magazine.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi there. Safety bolts can be purchased for all make and models yes, we used Bailey as a popular example here. You can purchase WSL Safety Bolts online by clicking here and visiting the WSL website. Hope this helps! Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the Bolts if you do choose to buy.

  8. Rod Court says:

    An excellent improvement for peace of mind and more
    importantly road safety

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