Poll results reveal a caravan cover up!

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  1. Aileen Gibb says:

    How much does a caravan cover cost for a 2nerth 2007 model swift van .

  2. Rex Beech says:

    I think I may have bought a cover from a the same supermarket as Ray Jones. Although not exactly the right size it has done its job over the winter and has proved to be a bargain. Incidentally I manage to fit the cover without help – just need a bit of forward planning and a calm sort of day!

  3. Ray Jones says:

    I regret that I did not respond to your survey. Perhaps the following will be of interest to many motorhome owners like myself who do not use their vehicles outside of the April to September season. I started using a cover for my Swift Modial (based on the Peugeot Boxer panelvan) motorhome because it is stored outdoors in my drive between September and April. There are oak and sycamore trees in the neighbourhood and cleaning the debris that accumulated over the winter months -on the roof and solar panels, around the skylights and at the bottom of the windscreen (which blocked the drainage tubes beneath the wipers)- was time consuming.
    In the absence of a car port or garage of sufficient height I thoroughly recommend the use of a cover for storage. Not only does it protect the exterior finish of the vehicle but also reduces the bleaching effect of the Sun on interior surfaces.
    It was interesting that 2 years ago, when I attempted to place an order by telephone with a recognized manufacturer, whose advert I had seen in a Motorhome magazine, that I was spoken to dismissively when I described the salient roof fitments: solar panels, reversing camera and tv antenna!
    In fact the lady with whom I was speaking ended the conversation by hanging up on me! So much for customer service!
    I had given up on the notion of getting a cover when last summer whilst on vacation in North Wales I came across by chance a caravan cover in a supermarket for just 50 pounds!. I checked the dimensions and purchased it there and then. It fitted almost perfectly! I made covers out of plastic containers for the reversing camera and the tv antenna, which I affix before covering the van for its winter storage..
    I have experienced no problems. Even during gales, the strapping provided with the cover kept it in place and there has been no scuffing of the van’s paintwork or damage to the cover!!
    My next cover (for my next Motorhome?) will be custom-made, but not by a certain recognized manufacturer that’s for sure!!

  4. Adrian Francis says:

    I used a Towing Cover for the first time last week and I am delighted with the result. We arrived at our destination with a clean caravan front no marks from road film or dead flies.

    The cover fitted extremely well it was easy to remove and refit ready for our journey home
    well pleased thank you Towsure.

  5. Roger Smithson says:

    This result does not tally with my observations of outdoor caravan storage parks and those outside residences which indicate only a small minority use covers. Maybe that the majority of the people that bothered to respond to the poll were the ones that use covers.

  6. Sandra Gillard says:

    We use a winter cover and always have but this year there was mold on netting. We brought a front cover which you use when driving to your holiday. It was from a known company i had message back and forward when first brought it in 2015 to say there was not enough material to tighten if need be. Very unhappy with this company. No thinking i will tell you name of company to make you aware. Protec

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve had a problem with your covers Sandra. To prevent mould it’s important to keep the cover clean. With regards to your towing cover then the cover should fit the width of your caravan, so not sure what the problem is there. We’ve been in touch with Protec with your concerns and they asked you to contact them on 01274 780088 or [email protected] so they can help resolve the issue.

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