2019 Swift Elegance 560 caravan

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  1. Les M says:

    maybe try same as us… just wrap the tyre in a dustbin bag then roll it out….also keep in with the spare some gloves for tyre changing and a couple of spare bags for the flat.. You won’t need to put it away just yet as it will need repairing ASAP..

  2. DCAI says:

    Having experienced the ‘fun’ of extracting an underslung spare wheel from AlKo carriers many times, I can actually appreciate the reasons behind storing it under the island bed.
    When we bought our 560 model during 2018, one of my first checks was a ‘dummy run’ of removing the spare and carrying it out of the caravan as a comparison with removal from a carrier.
    I soon noticed how easy it was to damage both the underbed PVC casing and the interior of my caravan. Getting through the bathroom was particularily interesting.
    So, underslung or under bed ? Neither is easy IMHO.
    For under bed, I would recommend keeping a strip of cheap plastic groundsheet ready so the spare could be rolled out, in the event of a puncture. Carrying 20kg has risks !
    But all buyers have a choice here. For me ? I decided to buy another underslung carrier and they are easy to fit.

  3. Ruth says:

    Agree with you here, it’s not well thought out. New rubber smell made our camper smell terrible for the longest time too. And if you did replace tyre, do you our used filthy one in with your storage under bed?

  4. Jonthefence says:

    With the carrier underneath it is nearly impossible to get at with a flat tyre as the caravan is too low. Far better and cleaner inside.

  5. Jonthefence says:

    Have you ever tried groveling under a caravan with a flat tyre obviously not.

  6. Andy says:

    Hi, we have a cheaper model with exactly the same layout the Swift Sprite Major S4EB (Freestyle edition). It’s a great caravan with plenty of extras for around £20,000 OTR. One thing I can never understand is why Swift put the spare wheel under the bed. Once you use it for storage (what’s left of it with the spare wheel taking up a lot of room) it would be a nightmare to access if you needed to change the tyre especially on a motorway or busy A road. I bought an alko wheel carrier (~£80) which slides underneath the chassis. The mounting points are already in place for this! Why Swift don’t do this in the first place I’ve no idea.

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