Video: How to clean your caravan roof

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  1. cencerrita says:

    Just checked our caravan having cleaned the rood with good old elbow grease and clean water when it had a build up of algea last November. Still clear! Good tip is to clean when it has been raining or a heavy dew as the algea is soft and easy to clean off.

  2. cencerrita says:

    yes not only does this keep the water running back but also stops it puddling around a window andpossible leak through sealant there 🙂

  3. Rob Strong says:

    Being of a mature age, I am wary of ladders. I open the Heki roof light, and use a step ladder in the van to get my torso out and clean the main part of the roof using long brushes, the garden hose drawn up with a rope, and cleaning fluid. I can still clean the remaining part of the roof by moving the van against the house and working from an upstairs window. Safe for me.

  4. Robert says:

    Also to help roof run off, pull the caravan up onto a levelling ramp or onto a block of wood on one side only to ensure water runs off to the side as well as to the front or back.

  5. Paul says:

    Unless you wash your caravan or store it on a billiard table it’s likely to be off level side to side. In that case raising or lowering the jockey wheel is irrelevant as it will run off the lower side. Never struggled with ponding or algae build-up as our storage site is on a very (very) slight slope (about an an inch or so across the width of the van)

  6. Caroline Jackson says:

    We spray our caravan with either Wet and Forget or Patio Magic after washing it. Both of these products prevent the buildup of Algae, The van stays remarkably clean, obviously mud etc will stick, but not the algae growth. I also agree with raising the jockey wheel sothe run off goes down the plain back of the van.

  7. Dom says:

    What’s with all the brushes? Lambswool mitts clean effectively without all the swirly scratches that brushes cause. Those telescopic brushes do so much damage, they hold grit which just grinds into the paint. Might as well use a yard broom.

  8. Jim says:

    I always raise the front of the van when washing and in storage, this way excess water runs down the solid section at the back of the van and not down the front windows and seals (common place for damp to start)

  9. Brian Smith says:

    No matter how well built the caravan is you always end up with puddles on the roof. Lowering the jockey wheel is so obvious but I never thought of it. Thank you!

  10. Steven Whittaker says:

    To minimise build up of debris and algae.It also helps if you are able to store the caravan with a slight tilt to the front or back. Rather than being dead level.

  11. Stuart Scott says:

    I’ve tried many different cleaning products over the years, and ‘Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner’ is by far the best.

  12. Phil Justice says:

    Good article . A job I dislike , cleaning the roof .I quite enjoy cleaning the rest of the ‘van , but not the roof

  13. Paul Robinson says:

    I bought a long bottle brush designed to clean behind radiators, ideal to clean under solar panel

  14. Anthony Newman says:

    Brilliant Article well thought out Thanks

  15. Barry Wilkinson says:

    To clean under solar panels I use a bottle brush attached to a short cane. Be careful not to catch any wires.

  16. John Trushell says:

    No answer there to cleaning the gunge that builds up underneath the solar panel, certainly insufficient clearance to get a brush under there. Anyone with any suggestions?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      You could try a paintbrush John with some Silky cleaner to agitate the dirt away and then gently rinse away with a hose. Or a long handled soft bristled bottle brush, but you would need to be careful not to damage the underside of the panel.

  17. Richard plummer says:

    Previous caravan I used to leave a smear of grease lightning on the roof over the winter period. New van I put diamond coat on myself took 4 hours but worth it. Just use the special shampoo and it all comes off back to showroom condition

  18. Bruce Graham says:

    Usefull video and tips. Main thing is ensure you use good quality steps or ladder. If using a ladder against the caravan then ensure the ladder is cushioned against the edge so as not to damage the caravan.

  19. J Lunt says:

    Never thought to lower the jockey wheel to allow the run-off for the excess soap/water. Now I know!

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