All about caravan wheel locks and clamps

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  1. Victor Harris says:

    I have an Alco axle lock on the near side but sometimes need to lift the offside to level the van with lock and level air bag, any ideas on lining up the axel lock?

  2. When is a wheel lock not a wheel lock. Answer-When Milenco say the Milenco Wtaith is a wheel lock and Caravan Guard say it is a wheel clamp. !!!.

    • We have referred to it as a wheel lock but for insurance purposes, we don’t accept the Wraith as an axle wheel lock so it would have to be listed as a wheel clamp on our policy.

  3. Steve Hamilton says:

    I have a Nemesis wheel lock that is very similar to the Al-Ko. When insuring my van the discount did not warrant the cost of the Al-Ko. I have had no issues with this lock and would recommend it to anyone, due to its ease of fitting and removal.

  4. Barry King says:

    You state that clamp must cover wheelnut and part of tyre yet the ALKO and Wraith shown do not cover the tyre at all.

    • Hi Barry, neither the ALKO Secure or Milenco Wraith are wheel clamps but we do accept them in lieu of a wheel clamp. The ALKO Secure is an axle wheel lock that is designed to stop the axle from rotating and the Wraith is a lock that locks into a caravan wheel nut with a bar inserted through the caravan wheel to prevent full rotation of the wheel.

  5. Shaun Carrick says:

    They have not even mentioned the best ‘at home’ wheel device, the JSB Hublock. They knock spots off ALL the other devices featured.

  6. Colin Bee says:

    Come on guys! It’s weight as well as price which influences a choice and you don’t consistently say what the weight is for each option. This would make the article much more useful. Appreciate the idea and effort though!

    • Thanks for the feedback Colin. I’ve contacted Milenco and Stronghold to get the weights for their locks and will update the article when I have the information. It’s a very good point.

  7. Ian baugh says:

    Buying a wheel clamp is a minefield , this article makes it that much clearer before making a purchase. The final wheel clamps featured are very good and protect the tyres over winter which can cause flat spots

  8. Ray Preston says:

    Tip leave your mover on till you have lined up your al-ko wheel lock

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