All about electric hook-ups

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  1. Steviemac says:

    Can I link my van cable to my house mains. Or do I need a transformer.

  2. Orlando Nelthorpe says:

    Hi, great site, but can you help me with a question? I want to buy a 240/12v electrical installation system for my van (the kit is available from a UK company); however I’m in Europe. While the company only supply UK power outlets (European ones being quite different of course), I wanted to ask if the European electrical system is equivalent to the UK – in other words, if I buy the kit and supply my own European outlets, will that be OK? I understand that standards and regulations probably vary from country to country, but is the hardware itself the same? I assume yes; otherwise you probably wouldn’t be able to hook up UK caravans to European sites; but I just want to be sure before I fork out 400+ quid for a kit. Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks

  3. Emilian says:

    Very good article, for beginners. Thank you.

  4. Nigel Edwards says:

    I constantly see cable still wound on the holder, with only the length required to connect. The owner thinking this is “neater” than completely UNWINDING from the holder, a very dangerous habit as the cable will easily overheat when the load is at, or near, the usual Max of 16 amps. PLEASE unwrap ALL cable and lay excess loosely under the MH or Caravan-as demonstrated in this very informative article

  5. James says:

    When I connect my cable to the hook up post, I wrap the cable once around the post loosely so if the cable gets pulled by a lawn mower type tractor going past or some one tripping over the cable for example, the cable will tighten on the post instead of pulling out the plug and potentially leave bare live wires.

    Also, if it is due to snow, lay the cable in straight lines and to items that can’t move like a tree. If the ground freezes and the cable is frozen under the snow, it’s much easier to trace the route of the cable if it’s in straight lines vs a wiggly route. Better still is to lift the cable on a daily basis to avoid it being frozen into the ground.

  6. Chris Hartley says:

    Great article, as it highlighted areas we were unsure able, ie, what appliances we can take on a trip.

  7. Jan Ward says:

    As a new campervan owner this article is a brilliant read – thank you

  8. Fred McManus says:

    An excellent, comprehesive article. As someone who regularly helps out at a friend’s caravan park, I often I see campers leave the cable tightly coiled around the cable storer or on the ground, thus increasing the possibility of fire – an electric cable under load can act as a heating coil when tightly wound. I also see campers plugging in to the mains supply before connecting to the van – particularly dangerous on wet grass! Always, alway unwind your cable fully, and plug into the van socket first before plugging in to the mains.

  9. David Moore says:

    Polarity check is always a good idea, especially abroad or more casual sites!

  10. Josie sharp says:

    Each month we learn a bit more, great reading and sharing knowledge to us newbies.

  11. Tony says:

    Very good advice, although the current drawn that is shown in the chart is close to most Motorhomes double check all your equipment, very good advice regarding using genuine chargers for various equipment as I have read and seen none genuine chargers overheat. Lastly the advice regarding travel kettles that are designed to operate at low wattage rather than a kettle used for home that are designed for rapid boiling.

  12. Rober Haddow says:

    Good info. and well explained.

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