Bailey, Coachman & Swift: The ultimate two-berth comparison

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  1. Andrew Young says:

    Purchased new coachman vip 460/2 nothing but trouble,heating packed in new circuit board,4 warped over bed doors,main door lock not functioning properly,discolouration to internal panel on main door,wardrobe lock faulty,and now back with dealer fridge packed in possibly nearly setting fire to van .Used twice since purchase phone coachman did not want to know take back to dealer where it currently sits.
    I await the out come .NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with your VIP. Hopefully this is something your dealer and/or Coachman can rectify for you.

  2. Colin Erith says:

    It is nice to see Vans finally being fitted with Solar Panels as standard,could you look at an article on retro fitting Solar Panels to existing Vans, as most aftermarket panels come with short leads and tiny Crock Clips

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Colin,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. We actually produced a guide on solar panels recently, click here for details. There’s also a guide on other modifications here.

      Many thanks

  3. John Coles says:

    huge advantage of the coachman 460/2 is the wardrobe space in the rear washroom, and the worktop high working area next to the door opposite the sink / hob. Fantastic for long distance touring.

  4. Roy Bright says:

    I prefer the rear kitchen layout which is apparently unpopular with manufacturers these days.

  5. Paul G Perry says:

    I like the build quality of the Bailey and its layout.

  6. Gary Osborne says:

    For 2 bed caravans these all seem huge to me !
    What size car would be needed to tow these ?
    Bearing in mind that a 2 berth is usually owned by a couple that wouldn’t generally require a large car.
    Personally i prefer my Go-Pod!
    Easily towable by virtually any car.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Gary,

      So long as the car and caravan match up in terms of MTPLM and kerb weight. Click here to read our towing guide in full.

      We have a few tow car reviews on the website that might be of use, click here for details.

      Many thanks

  7. Arthur Branthwaite says:

    I have a Coachman Laser with an L shaped lounge area. Anyone found out how to comfortably sit 4 persons round the table to eat ? It’s the only downside to the otherwise great van .

  8. Harry Pleavin says:

    The Bailey for me as it ticks every box

  9. Colin Wilkinson says:

    In late September 2014 I was looking to replace my Unicorn Seville. I looked at all three ‘vans featured. My shortlist was Unicorn Seville 3 or Lunar Clubman CK. I chose the Lunar for various reasons (we all have our own fads and fancies). The Bailey was woefully deficient in regard to external locker provision.

  10. Paul Robinson says:

    I would favour the Swift as the warranty is better. I have changed my Coachman Pastiche 460 2 berth for a Swift Challenger SE which although much shorter is a little lighter and easier to tow, yet still spacious where it matters. I was very disappointed with the build quality of the Coachman, mastic everywhere and not even smoothed down on the roof. No problems with the Swift, it looks and feels a class act. I cannot comment on the Bailey, as I do not have any experience of any of their models, but the interiors look appealing.

  11. James R Wilson says:

    Unfortunately I don’t like any of the caravans featured. Why, because I prefer the “L” shaped lounge area. Thats all.

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