Community Poll Results: caravan and motorhome tyre checks

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  1. Rita says:

    Can Tyron bands be fitted to Motor Home tyres, if so, is it a good idea? Had blow out in Italy last year, fortunately only doing 20mph on a very narrow steep hill and managed to safely come to a halt on the side of the road, hate to imagine what would have happened on the motor way.

  2. Graham says:

    I feel it is important to check car and caravan tyres, pressures and condition, often and I believe Tyron bands should be a must for every one!

  3. paul jordan says:

    i allways check my tyres on our motorhome as part of our pre travel checks,this year we went to italy and in the south the roads are very bad so i checked every day.if you are holidaying there this year i would recomend you do that.

  4. Robert Best says:

    No matter how often you check tyres you can still have tyre failures.
    On a journey from France I checked my tyres at a motorway services, including feeling the the treads etc for any foreign bodies, pressure etc. 7 miles later at 60mph the offside tyre deflated suddenly. Fortunately it collapsed into the well of the wheel & I was able to safely move to the hard shoulder. The tyres were 18 mth old and subsequent examination by an expert couldnt find a reason for the failure.
    I fitted Tyron Bands to the van as I felt that getting away with no damage to the Van once wouldn’t happen on a second event.

  5. vian morris says:

    tyre pressures on motorhomes sould be checked literally before each trip.I spend a lot of time in France and Spain and enthusiastically check my tyres before I move.Tyres are paramount and must be taken more seriously.I am a retired poice officer and I have seen the result of under inflated tyres especially on motorways.If you pick up a nail or screw,if the nail stays in the tyre,the tyre will go down slowly.If it is thrown out it will go down,so it is better if the tyre goes down.So if you dont check your tyres regularly,you wont know if you have a soft tyre.Also use two gauges,check it a second time with a different gauge just to make sure.

  6. Colin says:

    As an HGV driver I’m used to checking tyres every time I walk past them, I’m always looking for tyre damage & signs of pressure loss.
    My caravan & trailer tyres are always checked regularly, I always check them for pressure before using the van & when it’s parked up for the winter I sit the axle on RSJ sections to just keep the weight off the suspension units & therefore the tyres. The trailer doesn’t get the same treatment though.
    When we leave home or site with the van or trailer & always stop just before joining the mororway to walk round the vehicle & make sure the tyres or hubs aren’t getting hot. I do this again if we stop during the journey. Everything is serviced once a year but I don’t take chances. When I’m overtaken on the road by vehicles towing small trailers I often wonder if the owner ever bothers to thnik how hard the little suspension units work when they’re flying along the road & sometimes the poor trailer tyres actually leave the road surface. I bet not many of them get a second thought as long as they’re always there to be loaded when required.
    Whether alloy wheels are better for running temperatures of tyres or not I don’t know but I’m pleased to have them now so we can fit the Al-Ko lock which I think is superb.

    I’m also a big fan of Tyron Bands, since 1994 we’ve had three punctures one of which was at motorway speed & the outfit remained easily under control so I could bring it to a stop. I’m happy to believe this was aided by the Tyron bands.

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