Guide to caravan reversing systems

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  1. cencerrita says:

    cheap camera on car rear pointing at hookup has worked pefectly this winter – particularly when the motor mover would not play 🙁

  2. cencerrita says:

    Totaly agree and even though i have fitted a cheap camera for under £10 to go to car screen via wireless link she still is hte best. A loud thump on the caravan side says it all – stop when she is out of view! Cmera good though for on French motorways etc to see what is behind.

  3. Gordon Burrow says:

    I purchased a VASTEND V01 Wireless Reversing Camera HD 1080P 7” Monitor & IP69 Waterproof Rear View Camera Stable Digital Signals, 150° Wide Angle Night Vision Reversing Camera Kit for Vans, Car, Trucks, RV from Amazon and fitted this to rear of my twin axle Swift caravan and took power from side lights of caravan so camaera is always on and gives excellent rearview. It costs £117 at moment ans additinal cameras can be purchsed with up to four run through monitor. Really good system

  4. Peter Roberts says:

    This is a good article for your general range of customers. I have a camera fitted to the rear of the caravan. It is not brilliant, but then it was cheap, even including professionally fitted. I recommend considering a mid-cost camera rather than the cheapest you can get. However, what I do want to say is that the camera which pays for itself in convenience and is the BEST thing I have bought for my caravan is actually the camera fitted to the rear of my Land Rover which points down at the tow ball. You really must get one of these fitted. Not expensive but wonderful. It allows me to get the car tow ball smack under the tow bar of the caravan. First time and every time-on my own!!! And, although amusing, it confirms all the time that my caravan is still attached when I am towing. Perhaps a little joke, but it is surprising how comforting it is to glance into the screen and see the caravan’s attachments still working perfectly. So, I have two cameras; one on the tow ball and the other on the back of the caravan keeping an eye on tailing traffic. Perfect. I’m going to apply for the 5% discount next year. I also paid for a C&M Club one-day training course which included reversing. Worth every penny. Everyone should be properly trained in how to reverse. Good luck. Peter Roberts.

  5. Alan Berriman says:

    I bought the Streetwise SWRCM wireless reversing camera kit from Ebay for £48, I think they normally retail for about £80 from Amazon. It’s a great little piece of kit and was easily fitted to the back of my twin axle. I mounted the transmitter underneath the van in a weatherproof plastic box and picked up the 12v supply that goes to the back of my fridge. The transmitter comes on when coupled to the vehicle and transmits faultlessly to my Iphone all the time the engine is running – Just like having a rear view mirror!

  6. Shane Fidgett says:

    Interesting article but prices seem expensive. My concern would be voiding the water ingress warranty, as I was told you could not drill into walls. Would be more sensible in this day and age to have them as standard by manufacturers as it is a safety device not a luxury

  7. Norman Bartlett says:

    I have been married to he best camera in the world, my wife for the last 45 years of Caravanning the secret is if I can’t see her I don’t move till I can SIMPLE.and we have been in some tight places over the years and so far no bumps or scrapes.Touch Wood.

    This of course works for us and not everyone.

  8. ian says:

    I bought my wireless kit on eBay for £38.00 and it’s worked perfectly now for two years.
    Prices seem excessive to me

  9. Paul Bryan says:

    Hi.Regarding the reversing camera article I have fitted 2 wireless cameras, 1 pointing at towball,and the other on rear top of my Bailey caravan.The set up I bought from Halfords and is made by RING.The cost of the monitor and 1 camera was approx £90 with the additional camera at £50.Both cameras work with the monitor but only 1 at a time can be seen on excellent bit of kit that took me approx 2 hrs to fit both.Highly recommended.

  10. JohnCrosby says:

    unrealistic at those prices.

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