Tyre safety month: Prevent a caravan or motorhome blow out

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  1. Jeff Illidge says:

    I’ve had the colour changing indicators on for nearly 2 years now. Only had one change to yellow and sure enough the tyre had lost a couple of psi. so I am very satisfied that they do work. I did check pressures every month initially but am confident they work so bi-monthly now. I accept that they do not monitor temperature but a good visual check before every journey of sidewalls, depth, etc and I’m good to go. Drive carefully and Stay Safe

  2. TonyG says:

    Good article, but it doesn’t explain what to do with motorhomes when the converter recommends a different tyre pressure to that recommended by the tyre manufacturer.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the feedback Tony. The correct inflation pressure of your motorhome tyres should be shown in the vehicle/chassis handbook.

  3. Chris Dutfield says:

    Picked up (New to us ) Motorhome and made the journey from Wiltshire to Dover.
    On the M26 the brand new rear right tyre suddenly blew out with no warning.Got back home in the end and my Tyre Mobile co. came to the following conclusions:
    Both Brand new rear tyres were over inflated thus causing blow out.There was also a fault in the beading of the tyre that blew.
    On examination the two front tyres were out of date and showing signs of radial cracking.
    Now got 4 nice new tyres, but it goes to show that even if the tread looks good all may not be. Over 6 years is not good and tyres should be replaced regardless of good tread etc’be good with the rest of the tyre.CHECK THE DATES!! and keep to manufactures pressures.

  4. vincent williams says:

    Had a blow out on my trailer in the Early morning bad weather not good. Had recover but i sill lost best part of a day’s holiday.

  5. john stanhope says:

    An offside rear tyre blew out on my autocruise motorhome on the M6 south of Kendal last week! Greenflag came out and changed the spare! The fitters that fitted the new tyres said that the blow out was 10 years old and the spare was 12 years old!! Is it a legal requirement to change tyres when they are 4 years old?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi John.
      No it’s not a legal requirement per se – it’s just a recommendation that tyres be replaced when they reach five year’s old due to deterioration and it’s not recommended to use tyres which are more than seven year’s old. Legal requirements relate to tread depth, and driving with damaged or worn tyres could run the risk of a fixed penalty notice. As far as insurance goes, there is a general policy condition to take reasonable steps to safeguard your caravan against damage – this includes maintaining the caravan in a sound and roadworthy condition to prevent and minimise any claims. So it makes sense to always maintain your tyres.

  6. Eric Shaw says:

    I tried a cheap monitor which replaces the valve dust cap with a colour coded indicator which supposedly shows if the pressure has gone down. In fact these things leaked air out of the tyre which I only noticed on the morning we were leaving for a holiday.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Eric – perhaps shows why it’s better to invest in a proper electronic tyre pressure monitoring system like TyrePal

  7. keith says:

    thanks for the tips on tyre pressures, can you advise on measures regarding winter storage of wheels and winter wheel plates ? i would like to take the wheels off my caravan for the winter and store the wheels in my garage until next season.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Keith. It’s a good idea to consider replacing your caravan’s existing wheels with ‘winter wheels’ as they save your tyres from unnecessary and uneven wear. We also accept these in lieu of a wheel clamp whilst your caravan is in storage. However, it’s a good idea to store your caravan wheels away from you caravan in a locked building to prevent thieves finding them. To prevent damage to your wheels when in storage, try not to stack the tyres on top of each other for long periods, and try not to stack other items on top of the tyres. If possible store away from direct sunlight.
      Another simple way to avoid tyre problems is to move the caravan slightly every now and again during winter in order to reduce pressure on any one part of the tyre. Make sure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure at the beginning of winter and check them before towing again.

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