Gear Guide: Caravan alarm systems

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  1. David Moorhouse says:

    I have a Sargent alarm on my 2016 Lunar. I have had to replace the unit 3 times due to faults. On all 3 occasions Sargent sent me replacement units which I fitted myself. I must add that it is not my fitting that is causing the issues. They are simple to replace. Few wires and screws. They told me the last time that would be it. So they have been very fair, but 3 units in such a short time does not instil confidence.

  2. Richard says:

    No mention of Sargent alarms. Fitted as original equipment by Swift, Coachman and Lunar, plus a diy retrofit version. Mine has been protecting my Coachman for 10 years with no problems. Internal battery replaced after 8 years, and Sargent are still in business, their service/technical department being very helpful.

  3. Andy Rogers says:

    For a DIY fit Haegil have a caravan alarm:
    It can be linked into the awning light to trigger on arm / disarm, as well as when the alarm is triggered
    It can also be used to trigger an alert on a tracker relatively easily
    For movement sensing it is microwave rather than pir based, so the sensor doesn’t have to be in full view. It can also detect 12v supply to the caravan from a car and / or if the battery gets disconnected, along with changes to the tilt of the caravan.
    Additional sensors can be fitted, but I’ve not tried that

  4. Andrew Good says:

    A word of warning. The alarm should have a separate back up battery but takes its juice first from the on board battery. If this is also linked to a tracker, even in summer it will take a good leisure battery down below 12.3v within a few weeks. I ended my subscription to Phantom because of the calls I was getting. OK if your caravan is at home but mine is in covered storage and I cannot top the battery up with a small solar panel. I now choose to forgo the 5% reduction on my insurance and do not put the alarm on whilst in storage. which is as secure as it can be. When touring I do put the alarm on although to be honest, an alarm going off is often ignored ! Personally, I would rather dealers do not supply a van with an alarm and tracker as that adds about £500 to the purchase price and simply delivers a commission for the benefit of the dealer for the first year of the Phantom subscription. Alarms suit some but not me.

  5. A White says:

    Having contacted Keen Electronics, they no longer supply caravan alarms,
    so who put this on Caravan Guards web page!!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Yes apologies for that – this article dates back to 2015. We have removed the reference to the Keen alarm.

  6. Jonathan Mair says:

    Please would you update the information about alarms. No.1 is no longer in production. No.2 appears to run off mains or 9v not 12v. And the web site for No.3 no longer exists!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for bringing to our attention Jonathan. This is quite an old article and the information was correct at the time of publication. We’ll look to update this post as soon as possible.

  7. David Bolton says:

    I found the whole e-mail extremely interesting.
    The caravans and the alarms were very interesting

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