Gear Guide: Motorhome storage

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  1. Mr Robert J Garrett says:

    Most difficult to get to are the “sticky” things such as the awning wind-out pole, the awning rafter, the umbrellas, walking sticks, flag-pole etc. These tend to find their way to underneath everything else. Ideal would be a long thin wire basket attached to the bolts inside for the bike rack but can I find one? Not. Now thinking of just adding hooks to these and then having a loop of rope on each to hold these.

  2. Bryan J says:

    I think John has made a good point, it is too tempting to take loads of gear which half does not get used. Save weight and you increase MPG which is important these days

  3. Helen Bond says:

    In our Peugeot Boxer van conversion with its tiny wardrobe, we put our clothing into supermarket Bag for Life bags – the stronger block shaped ones. We have two each, one for tops and undies and the other for bottoms, and one for “dirties”. These all stack on top of one another and can easily be pulled out, like drawers, when required. Different colour bags enable us to see which one is required. Unlike boxes, they collapse down as they become empty and the “dirties” bag begins to fill. This made enough room for us to travel for 7 weeks with space to spare.

  4. Ron says:

    Couldn’t do without an over an bed. Never slept in it but couldn’t do without the storage space! These low lines are so much longer….

  5. Tom Aitchison says:

    Find it very strange that people say they “wild camp”! In Scotland, wild camping does not involve motorised transport.

  6. Harry says:

    Ikea sell a really good collapsible storage box which is designed for Christmas wrapping paper but is great for shoes etc. it fits above the drivers seat if you have a shelf there but will fit in others places too.

  7. Steve says:

    Are you always so full of good ideas at 7.30 am? Surely this forum is to help others gain knowledge from more experienced campers, not sarcastic comments from people who have too much time on their hands and too little sense in the heads

  8. Tony says:

    I have found old shoe boxes to be very useful. Because I mostly wild-camp I usually take enough clothing to cover the whole holiday period, invariably four weeks, but by careful folding I find that four weeks’ requirements of shirts, underwear and socks can be condensed down to a few boxes which then go in an under-seat locker: in themselves, these take up less volume than folding plastic boxes. I cut down plastic milk crates to fit in the bottom of the kitchen storage cupboards: these are a tight fit, effectively only removable at the end of a trip, but they enable secure, rattle free stowing of all sorts of bottle and cans. Even so, these cupboards are voluminous and there is much wasted space above these crates so I have added slide-out drawers above them. Our Swift “Escape 624” has deep overhead lockers without shelves so much space is wasted: I have fitted fixed shelves but will shortly make these adjustable in a couple of the cupboards. I use shoe box lids to store small items and have three-four of these stacked in one of the overhead cupboards which I can slide out one at a time as required, just like drawers. The overall effect of storing everything so compactly is that I have space to spare!

  9. Douglad says:

    To get around this problem I just bought a Venter Trailer to tow behind my Motorhome. It has a generous payload of around 500 kg and I should be able to clear out most of the bulky items leaving the Motorhome free to relax in without a lot of clutter and most important of all, legally within the prescribed MTPLM

  10. Jon White says:

    Hmm… we find that the best way to make the most of storage space in our Wellhouse i800 is to take less stuff with us!

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