A guide to motorhome tracking systems

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  1. Graham says:

    Can you publish a list of all Trackers that CaravanGuard approve for insurance purposes please? Thanks.

  2. Andrew Harries says:

    We have a Trackstar system. Useless customer service and they can’t even set up a text alert, for £300+ for 3 years!

  3. robin says:

    Why is there such a big difference in the unit cost and the yearly subscription? The word easy money comes to mind!

  4. David Burdon says:

    Haven’t got one on my Rapido but this article has got me thinking it may Ghy be a good idea.

  5. Andrew Bromley says:

    Pity you haven’t reviewed Outsmart the Thief – a very efficient Tracker system, which goes beyong Thatcham requirements.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew
      Unfortunately our underwriters RSA will only accept Thatcham approved tracking devices for motorhomes. Thatcham approval gives them reassurance a device has been thoroughly tested for reliability and effectiveness. However, it’s important to add that we are constantly discussing with RSA how this stance will evolve over time.
      Note however, because the Outsmart The Thief Lockdown/Titanium has a Thatcham CAT 1 alarm built into it we are able to give a 19% insurance discount for its fitment. However, if a motorhome is valued above £60,000 a Thatcham approved tracker must be fitted.

      Kind regards

  6. Alan jones says:

    We have the Sargent system in our swift and it is nice to know how they rate thank you

  7. John Kelly says:

    This list ignores Trackstar fitted as standard to all Citroen vans. Leads to suspicion that Caravan Guard has a commercial interest in the systems listed. I could not get a quote from Caravan Guard because I have a Trackstar security system.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi John
      Not at all. In fact the list of devices reviewed is based on the most popular makes our customers fit. It’s important to say that we do not generate any income from the sale of any tracking system. We did help Phantom enter the caravan market, back at a time when there were few devices suitable for use in caravans or motorhomes. However, these days Phantom are just like any other security device manufacturer to us – a reputable company who work hard to provide quality systems to vehicle owners. Note we do accept several Trackstar systems such as Trackstar S5 and S7, and older systems such as TM100, TM400, TM450, TM460 provided they are still operational and subscribed to. Do you know which one is fitted to Citroen vans?
      Kind regards

  8. Adrian says:

    Better still and cheaper than every option here have a 12 v wired in a cupboard or under a shelf well hidden .. Use your old iPhone on a pay as you go sim link it to apple tracker jobs a gooden save yourself a fortune

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Adrian
      A worthy additional piece of security, but self monitored tracking devices don’t have the benefit of a 24 hour operating centre and that means police are not guaranteed to respond if the vehicle is on the move. Additionally it’s important for a device to be proactive so will trigger an alert if your motorhome is moved without your consent.
      Note we are not able to offer a discount on self tracked devices because of this.

  9. terry says:

    rewire DB1 Advanced is an excellent tracker that has features of all of the above named trackers ,and is an an great unit especially in conjunction with a cat 5 to ca7 upgrade alarm system for motorhomes

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Terry
      No doubt adds some peace of mind but I’m not sure this device is monitored by a 24 hour operating centre which means it would be down to you to recognise your motorhome had been stolen and guide police to its position. Because it’s not Thatcham approved we wouldn’t be able to offer a discount for its fitment.

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