Tips to prevent motorhome theft

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  1. Marilyn Hartley says:

    I’m interested in an OBD lock or some way to prevent its use. I’ve never heard of this before so now need to do some research.

  2. clive says:

    interesting and informative ! but why are your products always in the high price range ??
    i have the following items applied to my motorhome.
    streetwise steering lock halfords’
    krooklock to pedal and steering wheel
    wheelclamp on outside wheel
    vanbitz alarm
    vehicle lock.
    all of which didnt cost the earth ?
    surely these would please any insurance company.??
    also i fit my wheel clamp at whichever wheel is farther from the road
    so it cannot be towed away

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Great to hear of the many devices you have fitted to your motorhome Clive. We accept security devices of a proprietary make but have highlighted those products which meet high Sold Secure standards, as these have been rigorously tested.

  3. alan says:

    Why modify or mark the motorhome roof? Adhesive letters are available cheaply and can easily be removed needed. If a thief was able to get onto the roof and remove them, they could also remove any other method of identification. Also very few people would bother to personalise a motorhome registration.

  4. Julian Crab says:

    They try to steal my motorhome twice. They can open my 2016 Roller Team/ Fiat Ducato very easy. Once, with the screwdriver under the door handle, the driver one, with lock, no marks. I replace the door handle with one without no any lock. Second time they open the door, unlock the drive-wheel and past the immobilizer by OBD. I have a secret switch that don’t let the engine start. Lucky me! They take my ski jacket, two pairs of shoes, two beers and they defecate without opening the toilet. It is one guy, i have him on camera. The police can’t find him.
    So no Fiat lock on the handle, secret switch for the engine, double van locks from Milenco for the house and garage doors, door alarm with GPS and GSM sim card who send text messages regarding doors open, shock, inside movement, ACC ON and position change. Of course outside siren. I also put an RFID access control for the doors. Will be enough?
    Sorry for my English guys!

  5. John Pepper says:

    An article written by a Police member recently suggested putting a registration plate on the roof. This I have done. I still think it’s a good idea. The Cops are regularly trying to catch speeders from the fly-overs and as I don’t speed, I don’t mind…

  6. Joan says:

    Well, here’s a comment from one of the unlucky ones, anything that involves padlocks or metal that can be cut through with high quality cutting gear is only a minor obstacle, they went through ours like a hot knife through butter, the scumbag thieves are organised and knowledgeable, they dealt with compound security with ease.

  7. jeffrey moss says:

    I was woke the other early morning by my alarm going off and found that thieves had stuck a screwdriver under the front door handle , but luckily the alarm went off and they ran off , so yes my alarm actually did prevent my motorhome from getting stolen

  8. Peter Davis says:

    Wheel Locks are also a very visible good deterrent.

  9. Rod Dawes says:

    Some very helpful tip to improve security of the motorhome.

  10. Gareth Phillips says:

    Can you tell me why I shouldn’t put the van reg number on the roof, surely this would help the motorway cameras identify the vehicle.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      A registration number might be a personalised one and putting that across the roof may involve quiet a cost to cover / repaint roof if sold on.

  11. Alan jones says:

    Thank you for showing us the different options available a great help

  12. Chris says:

    Surprised you have not mentioned Vanbitz Growler Alarms & Meta Track Immobiliser which is operated via a password protected AP on your mobile phone or Tablet

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Chris
      We did review the Van Bitz Strikeback a few years ago. It is a very good system. I believe the Growler is an enhanced version of this. I understand they do an add on to Van Bitz Strikeback or Growler called the Non Starter which like the OBD port blockers, stops the engine from starting. It’s controlled by an App. The guys from Van Bitz came in recently and showed us this. It looks an impressive piece of kit and might be something we feature later down the line.

  13. Andrew Hughes says:

    I have taken this good advice and put a security post into my new concrete driveway also a new steering visible steering lock .

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