How often do you clean your caravan?

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  1. Tony Thompson says:

    as I tour quite a bit , my van is cleaned as required

  2. Keith says:

    ditto to all the comments so far, have some pride.
    I like this one some has been watching me !!
    Every time when we go out with van it gets cleaned when we get back home inside and out and polished at least twice a year. I also hate a dirty caravan.

  3. Andrew Evans says:

    I clean my motorhome every week, weather permitting. But certainly before and after every trip !! Keeps it looking good and presentable !!

  4. Linda Bacon says:

    Every time we use it I thoroughly clean it before it’s closed up. All sick and span for our next outing!

  5. Norman says:

    Every time when we go out with van it gets cleaned when we get back home inside and out and polished at least twice a year. I also hate a dirty caravan.


  6. Pam Blanshard says:

    I wash mine if it has been out in particularly bad weather, otherwise probably between 1 or 2 months. Polishing I do at the beginning of the season and just before winter sets in, I may also spray with a silicone spray.

  7. Ian says:

    I had my caravan treated with Diamond polish from new. This makes it much easier to clean and get rid of those black streaks. The caravan will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out after its annual service in March and again just before we go away – that’s another 6 or 7 times a year. Also, if we have had a dirty journey en route we will wash down the exterior on site. I clean the Windows with a glass cleaner sprayed on and gently polished with a microfibre cloth.

  8. Tony Gillam says:

    How often? When I can’t find the door.

  9. John Johnson says:

    I’m with John Allerton, as and when but very seldom. Two reasons. The owner of the store where we keep it always hoses it down on arrival to establish any damage for which he does not wish be blamed. And secondly, we had it gardex treated when we bought it and it seems to very satisfactorily reject dirt which washes off with the rain.

  10. Steve Shepherdson says:

    Start and end of the “season” and when it needs whilst we are away

  11. John allerton says:

    I clean the caravan as and when required,but hate cleaning the windows lol !

  12. Jack J says:

    We clean our van everytime it is used “which is a lot” . We give it an all over externall polish before the winter. And wash and wipe over with showroom shine when away so as to keep the streaks of dirt off the paintwork.

  13. Julie fuller says:

    Every time we use the van and when it gets dirty even if we haven’t used it.

  14. ron says:

    Before every trip .

  15. Ian Shaw says:

    I clean the caravan normally before leaving for a trip, and then on return. The roof of the caravan I normally clean at least once a year.

  16. Richard says:

    We give our 1999 Abbey a deep clean and exterior wax before and after winter storage. After each trip, we do a full interior clean. Before each trip out, we do an external wash and an interior freshen-up clean.

  17. chris says:

    Most times before going away and at the end of season before we cover it uo,

  18. NEIL says:

    Before and after every trip out even if only for a weekend. Van covered between trips if more than 4 weeks gap. Van polished and then waxed twice a year,

  19. Steve&Diane Roberts says:

    Every time we take caravan out we wash it 12-15 times ayear

  20. Brian Neil says:

    I clean my caravan after every trip out. We do 5 long trips a year, so that’s 5 full cleans, but I clean off any heavy dirt whenever I feel it needs it.

  21. Brian N says:

    I always clean the exterior and interior thoroughly before closing up for the winter and treat the outside surfaces to some Autoglym super resin polish. Before first use I thoroughly clean the exterior with Autoglym shampoo and conditioner to remove the build up of deposits and streaks left by the winter weather.
    The caravan then gets a wash and clean out after each use during the season, that’s at least six times, with another polish with the super resin polish again during mid season.

  22. Dick. says:

    Gets washed outside before each outing & inside before & after each outing.

  23. sue wiltshire says:

    I tend to clean mine whenever I notice any little marks or stains, I hate a dirty caravan and its always given a wipe over before I go away.

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