What happens when my motorhome breaks down?

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  1. Kevin Barnes says:

    Warning for all. My motorhome went into limp home mode on Saturday lunch time. Fiat garage about 25 miles away and shut for the weekend. Home about 5 miles away so I limped home. Because for convenience and wanting to be able book the motorhome in for repair caravan guard recovery are not interested in helping me get the motorhome down to the garage

    • Hi Kevin
      We’re sorry you weren’t happy with our service. Unfortunately our breakdown service offers roadside assistance only and for that you have to be a mile away from home. Because you called for assistance after getting home our breakdown service was unable to help in this scenario.
      Kind regards
      Craig @ Caravan Guard

  2. Louise Dimech says:

    I got European cover for my trip to Holland. When I broke down on the ferry from the UK I was told there was no record of the cover, despite having the policy details. I was given another number, who gave me another number to no avail so I had to pay to stay on the ferry and return to the Uk. This was a Bank Holiday. I had to get another company to recover me in the UK the following morning. Now £700 out if pocket.

    • Hi Louise, we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our breakdown provider AXA has been dealing with your complaint and provided compensation as well as reimbursing you for the ferry and accommodation costs. Our Claims Liaison Team has been trying to contact you this week to provide an update.

  3. Gary Bonnette says:

    Anyone travelling through France on any of their motorways must/should be made aware that no UK based breakdown or recovery providers have any authority. Each section of motorway has its own contractor.This is why you have tp call “111” or “112”…..if you are an AA member they simply tell you to do this.If you are in a dangerous place like I was last year(Paris perifique…M25 on speed), the police will send the nearest motorway maintenance vehicle to watch your back…seriously, they do, just that.
    Make sure you know your whereabouts, but trust me, the French speak English in such situations.
    The same cannot be said for “compound” operators.If you are unfortunate enough to end up in a compound, they charge on entry a fixed fee,then charge by the hour after midnight of that same day.Make your Insurance provider aware at all times and if all of a sudden the language barrier is apparent, let them deal with it.Ive done about 15000 French miles in three years and only had one bad experience….

  4. Philip says:

    Loss of all cooling fluid from motorhome on campsite in the south of France; vehicle unusable. One call to caravan guard resulted in the arrival of a low loader first thing next morning and transport to a local garage which replaced a leaky hose and sent us on our way by lunchtime. Payment needed for repairs only, recovery was free. Excellent service and reassuring all round.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for the superb feedback Philip! It’s nice to know you could continue your holiday as planned! 🙂

  5. Trevor Morgan says:

    I had a blow out on a tyre on a free French Motorway 35 minutes from Calais on my outward journey. Once I got through to the breakdown number I was told as it was a motorway I would have to ring the Police number and they would come to my assistance and arrange to get me off the motorway. I was then to ring back and the Rescue company would support me once I was off the motorway.
    This was not the answer I wanted to hear. My French is not too good and I did not want to try to communicate with the French Police. Fortunately a police car was passing and stopped and they even helped me change the tyre and escorted me to a garage where I got a replacement tyre. I would have hoped the breakdown company would have communicated with the French Police for me. Full marks to the Police for their assistance.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Trevor. I’m sure other people will find it reassuring to know that the European Police – in your case French – are on their side.

  6. walter brzezicki says:

    One hopes to never breakdown, but it’s good to know you are there and will do your best for your customers.

  7. Joe Lynn says:

    It hasn’t happened yet so not sure.


    I broke down on the M1 en route to our Clubs holiday Rally in Yorkshire.I coasted into Woodhall Services and called the breakdowm and within 1 hour i was on a low loader going back to my Fiat garage in Wolverhampton with a failed clutch and Master cylinder Fantastic service and a very professional recovery driver. Nothing was too much trouble 11/10. Have nothing but praise for Caravanguard and its breakdown team

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