Motorhome insurance for people over 70

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  1. Alan Whitehouse says:

    This is the second year that I can remember when I do annual search for Insurance renewal that I could not find any cheaper. Hope you continue without excessive annual increases, that is why I search for better price every year in the past. I will stay with you as long as your loyal customers are treated with respect.

  2. Alan Whitehouse says:

    In a few days’ time I will be 77 years old fully healthy and driving a Motor Home frequently in France & Spain. Just renewed my M.H. insurance with Caravan Guard after extensive searches (about 6 hours) on internet with the usual providers “go compare ect”. Have found that C.G. have the lowest premium I could find £21 cheaper than the nearest quote majority of the quotes were at least £100 higher than C.G. I hope that C.G. continue to provide insurance to us senior citizens who are in good health. The driving standards of a lot of youngsters is increasingly appalling and they are causing the premium to annually rise why do us older drivers like me of 60 years driving experience without serious R.T. incidents have to pay for these irresponsible youngsters. About time the insurance providers gave the older generation more credit for there driving experience and the fact that 60 years premium profits have been earned off of a lot of the older generation. My lifetime of driving has earned the insurance companies the average equivalent of approximately £24000 in premiums. Please keep insuring us older drivers at favourable price premiums.

  3. Anthony (Tony) Harris says:

    I will be interested in what your under say as I am 75 now and have been insured with you for over ten years, at first with Caravans and now on my third motorhome.

  4. Terry Hughes says:

    Thanks to Phyllis for drawing our attention to that importamnt paragraph re over 75s.
    Quoting the 2nd paragraph: “Plus, as long as you take out insurance with us when you are 80 or younger then we can renew your motorhome insurance policy until 89 subject to a good claims record.”
    This is a bit of an anomaly – you will get insurance up to 89 but do not get covered for personal accident!
    I am not sure that it is standard practice across the industry as I am aware that some insurance companies will cover you over 75. I wonder how Which would view this.
    In an age when retirement age has now crossed the 70 barrier, I wonder how employers get on with insuring their employees?

  5. Neil says:

    Hi Phyllis,

    unfortunately not offering personal accident cover to over 75s is pretty standard practice across the industry. We are however in the process of relaunching our motorhome policy with some new benefits and the point you raise is already being discussed!

    In the meantime I’ll refer your query to our underwriters RSA (Royal & SunAlliance Insurance PLC) and update you as and when I have more information.

    If you want any more info please feel free to email us directly at [email protected]

    best regards,

    Caravan Guard

  6. phyllis simcock says:

    I do not understand your penultimate paragraph – no personal accident cover after age 75. I thought your insurance was aimed at the older driver. Does this mean that you will replace or whatever!!! the motorhome if in an accident but not pay for iny personal injuries?

  7. Neil says:

    Hi Cyril,

    unfortunately we can’t offer quotes for people aged over 81. For existing customers who come to Caravan Guard before their 81st birthday we can then renew their policy up until they are 89 (subject to claims etc), but unfortunately this isn’t much help to you.

    If you are currently insured elsewhere then our advice would be to stay put, or perhaps give Saga a try.

    Sorry we couldn’t help further, if you have any more questions though please feel free to get in touch on here or by email using the contact form.

    best regards,

    Caravan Guard

  8. Cyril Smith says:

    I am now just 82 do you have any options available?

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