Opinion split over touring during winter

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  1. Mike sheldrick says:

    Yes Anne we went over to France in September and used DFDS From Dover to Calais car/caravan and two people cost me return £105 all the others were far too much

  2. Brenda Norbury says:

    Tour in the winter? I live in Herefordshire – the lanes are thick mud – the fields/roads are flooded – last week was thick fog and freezing temperatures day and night – and it is dark by teatime – who ARE these people?

  3. Mike Hitchen says:

    Anne W could join a winter rally with one of the clubs and benefit from their low-cost crossings. Or book individually with one of the Clubs (after playing one of them against the other to get the lowest quote). Both the Caravan Club and the Camping & Caravan Club are able to negotiate very competitive rates.

    Re Brian Hardman’s query: the cost of fuel depends on your vehicle and how far you drive. Regarding electric hook-up, I pay an extra €0.25 per kW – which worked out @ €30.0 for 5 weeks last year.
    Wifi here is completely free. Hope this helps.

  4. anne w says:

    can anyone tell me which is the cheapest ferry for taking the caravan over o france please

  5. Brian hardman says:

    What is the cost of fuel to get there and can get electric hook up for £8 a night

  6. tony swain says:

    we are members of the suffolk centre caravan club we are out for the new year rally at trinity park ipswich our motto is if you,ve got a van use it

  7. Mike Hitchen says:

    Just arrived for the winter in S Spain in our brand new Eldiss Xplore 304. Great little van (bought it after reading your recent review) for a great long holiday. Bit shorter on storage space than our previous Lunar Ariva, but lots more living room for two people. If you’re retired, get and go abroad this winter – why stay in the UK when there so many sites open in southern Europe for as little as £8 a night if you stop for 30 days.
    Adios, mes amigos!

    Mike Hitchen

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