Poll: What type of caravan wheel lock do you use?

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  1. John Widdop says:

    Comments are good,but all fail when thieves turn up with oxy/acetylene kit, as happened to me on two occasions in the early noughties. No device stops that. Got both vans back, eventually, with slight damage, fortunately covered by insurance. (The thieves also cut through locking posts to get at the vans and both occasions were middle of the day in broad daylight on a frequently trafficked road)

  2. mr r davie says:

    i use a millenco axle lock along with four corner steady locks and an alko hitch lock. my caravan is also fitted with an alarm and a tracker

  3. Paul Harrison says:

    Purpleline Fullstop as an axel lock. Easily fitted as alignment to the reciever doesn’t have to be spot on. Also remove the handle on the jockey wheel and replace the clamp with a security bolt.

  4. Andrew says:

    Very good article. I would throughly recommend anyone who stores their pride and joy at home to invest in a couple of kevlar covered motorcycle chains as these can be used to go through an alloy wheel and are normally long enough to then pass through the chassis and back to lock that wheel. I also recommend having an anchor bolt under the caravan to use one of these chains over the axle as another deterant….. Locking corner steadies are another form of lock that will take time for the thieves to remove and may also deter them. A hitch post in front of the cravan could help but some of these are just so cheap and nasty that they are wiggled and removed in seconds.

  5. Mr Paul Simpson says:

    Sad to see you are only asking Caravan owners, what type of wheel lock they use.
    What about your Motorhome owner Members. WE also use Wheel locks. I have a Bulldog Wheel guard which is Solid Secure and Insurance approved.

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