Gear Guide: Motorhome alarms

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  1. Colin Sales says:

    All very well – until your alarm/immobiliser starts to falter. We have had to call the AA twice and been bumpstarted once when our immobiliser (Sigma fitted to Peugeot Boxer by Brownhills) has refused to allow our 13 year old Elddis Suntor to start. It’s an intermittent fault so diagnosis by the AA hasn’t fixed the problem. If you can recommend a competent auto electrician who can check it out thoroughly locally that would be a great help. We don’t really want to have to take it back to Brownhills!

  2. Michael Dadashi says:

    This article very informative I have clear my mind about this topic thanks

  3. Richard Rawson says:

    Having had a Transit-Based motorhome stolen en-route back from Italy (stolen in Birmingham) we know all about the reasons for having an alarm fitted. The van was parked outside on our Son’s driveway. He has a dog that barks at the slightest sound but was silent all night. Ordered new motorhome with a Cobra Cat-1 alarm now and would urge every motorhome owner to do the same. We were left with the clothes we were standing up in, toiletries, a duvet, a sheet and the hookup cable that the thieves simply unplugged. Had to catch a train back to Yorkshire and had lost so much stuff. Also advise making sure that portable items such as laptops, tablets, cameras, generators, binoculars (yes, we had all those stolen too) are all covered by household contents insurance whilst out of the house (we didn’t and regret that now). Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear about your theft Richard but thanks for sharing your story and advice.

  4. Duncan G says:

    All motorhomes (and cars) with air-conditioning fitted should be run at least one time a month. This keeps oil on the air conditioning compressor oil seals. If they get too dry they are damaged once run and that allows the gas to escape. An expensive business. So it is not only batteries. The batteries can be kept up with a power connection via chargers. While the tyres are now resistant to flat patches forming again, it is prudent to look after them. Small time/fuel cost for large savings otherwise. Some of these modern alarm units have a very small drain in any event, about 1mA/hour

  5. SusanTracey says:

    We are new motorhome owners of a Sunlight t68 based on a Fiat Ducato, and I was surprised that a high level of security was not standard. Powders quoted me £795 to add a category 1 alarm after looking at the list this seems expensive but do we risk affecting the warranty by going to someone else?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Susan, you’re best seeking advice from your dealership about the warranty as they are best placed to advise.

  6. Paul Clarke says:

    It makes sense to invest in an alarm system

  7. Paul Clarke says:

    It makes sense to have one!!

  8. Paul Clarke says:

    We’ve had a Cobra A4615 fitted to our Bessacarr Hi Style which does the business for this size of vehicle. However, in the article this model only shows the siren, control unit and 2 x ultra sonic sensors for the interior. The system is wired to the two front doors via the standard fit push pins for the interior light which takes care of the cab entry. Included in the kit which cost £500 all inclusive were door contacts for the habitation door a door contact for the offside pod door. When in use we can disable the interior ultra sonic sensors but still have fully functioning door contacts all round. A good buy. As for battery drain, we take the vehicle out at least once a month for a run anyway.

  9. Brian Knight says:

    I agree. Battery drain is very significant if your Motorhome is in storage & reliant on the engine battery to keep the alarm going. I’ve found that 4 weeks is as long as I dare leave it without taking it out for a run (which is good practice anyway to prevent tyre/brakes/suspension & bearing damage).
    I invested in a solar panel to avoid panic if I strayed over my 4 week limit.

  10. Terry Acreman says:

    Standard car alarm is not suitable for ANY campervan/motorhome you need a dedicated combination unit with minimal battery drain

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