Tune into tyre safety

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  1. David Coker says:

    i would like to express concern about the type of valve being fitted to motor home tyres by both manufacturers and tyre fitting companies. Whilst standard valves are legal at 65 psi they are working at the upper end of their pressure range. At these pressures I would suggest the use of high pressure values which have a brass core. I personally have experienced two standard valve failures whilst driving, In both cases the valve failed where it goes through the rim. The second failure destroyed a relatively new tyre. When fitting new tyres you will need to shop around to find a fitter who stocks them (usually a commercial vehicle tyre fitter)

  2. Suzanne Watts says:

    I agree with tyre checks . jusyt done ours in a services on the m5 so caravan tyres would have been warm. stupid question but how would I check tyres when cold and how?

  3. Caroline says:

    I carry out the recommended checks on my caravan tyres and try to move my caravan just a half turn of the wheel every few weeks when it is not in use to vary the part of the tyre the caravan is sitting on. I place a chalk mark on the tyre so I can check it isn’t back on the same spot. I had Tyron bands fitted when I renewed the tyres – what is the current thinking regarding Tyron? Is it still something recommended for additional security? Thanks!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Good practice Caroline. Tyron bands are a recognised safety device and we do offer a small insurance discount if they’re fitted to your caravan.

  4. J Law says:

    I agree mostly with the article, but I use my caravan twice, maybe three times a year at most, and I’m strictly a fine weather caravaner.I travel to a site,stay for upto a fortnight and return home.My wheels come off in the winter and are stored in my garage.My tyres are now five years old and look as good as new and I will probably replace them before next season, but do they really need to be replaced, with so little use and winter storage?The rubber can’t have deteriorated that much, surely.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      It’s worth getting them checked out by a tyre specialist to have them looked are make sure they’re still safe to use.

  5. Robert Farley says:

    I check every trip but also have TyrePal fitted to both the Caravan and Ower SUV which gives readings all the time when traveling both pressure and tempricher there is a warning if they go above or below the settings, I check the tyre date and tread even the valve.

  6. Mia says:

    Also check the wheel nuts before and after a journey AND if the wheel has been taken off check after 30 miles too but use a torque wrench. We lost a wheel following a caravan service. The person who did the service was not responsible, I was as it’s the caravan manual.

  7. Andy Culley says:

    100% agree with what’s being said. I did the best part of 30 years as a traffic cop I dealt with rather a lot of “Fallen over” caravan incidents. Almost every one had a damaged/shredded tyre, evidenced by the charred remains left on the wheel.
    Some form of Tyre Pressure Monitoring system should, in my view, be a COMPULSORY fitment on all caravans.
    Never ever ever take any chance at all in respect of tyres, replace them every five years AT LEAST, or when they get down to 2.5mm don’t wait until they get down to the wear markers.

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