VIDEO: How to fit an AL-KO Secure wheel lock

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  1. John Gibson. says:

    Double whammy with a twin axle and the motor movers are where the jack should go….☹️

  2. A Flesher says:

    Moving the caravan in order to align the Alko Lock can be a real nuisance when trying to move the van to get the caravan level at the same time. Levelling generally involves moving the van onto a ramp at one side or the other and positioning the ramp so that the van is level when the Alko lock is aligned can be very difficult.

  3. George Fidgett says:

    I can only echo what others have said. I was realy hoping the domonstration would show the best way to fit on a real caravan in a real situation. Perhaps the van should have a fitted jack when alko recievers are fittted.

  4. keith raymond Gardner says:

    May be good security but really hard work to fit after a long journey and revversing the caravan into position is stressfull enough without the hassel of fitting an Alko wheel lock, i have ditched the Alko wheel lock in favour of the Milenco Wraith wheel lock it is so much easier to use i would say it is caravan friendly security lock,the only downside i had to change caravan insurance company as the caravan and motorhome insurance would not accept the Milenco wraith lock as one of the security devices fitted to the caravan for cover

    • Thanks for commenting Keith. We appreciate they Alko Secure can be tricky to fit but it does attract an insurance discount and does have the Sold Secure diamond standard. We would accept the Milenco Wraith as a wheel clamp but not as an axle wheel lock.

  5. Martin Cawley says:

    As my Caravan fills my drive (except 100mm), this design can be a nightmare as often caravan has to be jacked up to align, then fit lock and lower caravan back down. Just hoping that there is no movement when lowering, as that could jam the lock against the wheel, thus preventing straightforward removal unless the caravan is jacked up again. Which is a right pain.
    Having a receiver on both sides of caravan would help, although not eliminate problems.

  6. Chris Riley says:

    Great device, as previous comments can be a bit tricky if not aligned properly but we do have a mover and can get it spot on. one thing to watch for is where the tyre valve lands. if you are unlucky enough for the valve to end up at the lock position (which we have had happen to us)jacking the van up and spinning the wheel has been the only option for us.

  7. Derek Barnes says:

    When setting up on site or in storage I dont have a mover so I get it lined up near enough aligned. I then choke the O/SIDE wheel so I can pull the van round to get the lock lined up perfectly then screw it in place. I agree it is more difficult when you need to level the van

  8. Gordon Carling says:

    A great video. providing your caravan wheels are 4 feet off the ground, and not attached to the caravan!

  9. John Wills says:

    It is a pain. I have a post cemented in the ground to lock the hitch. You cannot use a post and the motor mover to line everything up. The only way is to jack the van up. Turn the wheel and then fit the wheel lock.

  10. Alison Webb says:

    We’ve had an Alko wheel lock on all the caravans we’ve had since 2009. If you havent got a mover they are a nightmare. However with a Mover they are just great. After 8 years we have got the fitting routine just perfect! Just use your Mover remote to align your caravan exactly but it has to be within millimetres and can be tedious to begin with and even more tedious if you have to put a leveller under the opposite wheel! Saying all that they are great and much better than heavy bulky wheel locks. Practice makes perfect

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Alison. Yes a motor mover will make the job much easier. One of the many benefits of having one fitted to your caravan!

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