The importance of a motorhome habitation service

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  1. Andy Lowe says:

    Really surprises me that the fridge is not checked beyond working. I can tell if its working or not, but not if its producing carbon monoxide easily. The flue often needs cleaning in some cases especially if you use it on gas regularly.

  2. Mike says:

    Over priced and last hab check from Brownhills left us with more faults than they put right. So much for warranty

  3. Paul Cruttenden says:

    All you are doing is buying a piece of paper/rubber stamp. Another example of the established retailers frightening you into paying for something that any one with a modicum of sense could achieve.

  4. Andrew Harcourt says:

    The trouble with a habitation check is the expense considering that the only two things that Joe / Josephene Bloggs might not be able to do themselves are the gas check and damp check. A damp check can be done with a simple tool from a DIY store. Even a gas check is very simply to check for no leaks which can be done with a Tee piece and a manometer, again which can be bought from a DIY store. I am a retired gas engineer so I know how to do that, it is not rocket science. My point is that your £200 is in my opinion very expensive for something which anyone can do if they look on a few youtube videos. Joe / Josephene Public is allowed to work on their own motorhome gas appliances, but not to work on someone else’s. In my personal opinion the value of a habitation check lies in the piece of paper you get when you have paid out for it. Similar to a car service I paid for at a franchised main dealer who didn’t change the spark plugs because they told me that my car had a diesel engine. I paid for a rubber stamp in the service book and had to change the plugs myself at home.

  5. Mary says:

    Take great care. On our habitation check someone put water into our diesel tank instead of the water tank. How that mistake was made I have no idea but could have ruined our engine. Luckily we got a really good mechanic in Leeds to sort this out for us.

  6. Irene Flewin says:

    Excellent article. Thank you very much.

  7. Mike Griffiths says:

    I didn’t realise until I bought my first campervan and returned to my dealer for a habitation check. However I was rather disappointed that it didn’t include a full service of the water system. They did check that it all worked correctly but did not sanitise it which is equally important to be done annually.

  8. ALAN WILLIAMS says:

    I totally agree in having Habitation checks, butfrom £200 is very expensive, I have a qualified engineer who seviced my motorhome for £125.00

  9. RN Theasby says:

    Wast of time.200 quid for a noncreditable inspection. When was the last time you had your house checked.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      As Marie says in the video, a house isn’t driven like a motorhome and as she says, things can come loose. Also, some people do pay to have gas appliances serviced in their homes.

  10. Martyn A Gillibrand says:

    As always, it is better to be proactive and prepared and plan any servicing and, or maintenance. Then you can use recommended and local companies that you know, trust and have probably used before. Alternatively, if something should go wrong whilst you are away on holiday, you will not have the time to review ad find the best engineers, etc. and will have to make do with whoever is willing to attend and attend quickly, so as not to interfere too much with your holiday.

  11. Jackie says:

    Great timing as we’re having out first habitation check in a couple of days. As our dealer is a few hours drive away we’re staying in a nearby campsite and I was worried that I’d have to empty the lockers of all our belongings – so found this video a great help!

  12. Brian Hankins says:

    It is a well constructed informative video although I would recommend that the video also includes the importance of getting the underside floor checked for sponginess and damp. From my experience It seems that not all Approved Workshops do this.

  13. Michael McCusker says:

    Excellent overview of the habitation check explaining why it’s important and how it sits alongside the mechanical check. Another great resource from caravaguard. Thank you. These introductory videos really do help beginners and serve as a useful reminder to experienced motorists.

  14. Harry says:

    Excellent worth watching & I’ll probably watch it again..

  15. jon white says:

    A very useful article. Just had a habitation service by Peak Leisure in Buxton (£128) who provided a written report similar to a service health check.

    I did not realise that gas connection pipes had a lifespan of 5 years and that there is a date on the pipe to remind you when they should be replaced.

    Learn something new every day!

  16. Trevor Pilbeam says:

    Helpful check
    Just had it done at IH Yorkshire
    My IH N Class 630 RL ready for 2019

  17. robert craig says:


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